August 12th, 2008

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NIC redux

With a reboot and a cooling-off period, the NIC on my big blue box seems to be behaving itself again, but I get the sense that this is perhaps not going to last particularly long. Alas.

However, the bulk of the insanity is still with the router, because the NIC functions on the whole fine with other routers, except when it doesn't.

In happier news, there should now not be any "§ no status" or completely lacking a '§' or '~' status tag entries prior to 2006 in suggestions. If you do happen to see one, please comment to it so I'll be able to address it. (Commenting to me risks the comment getting lost in my own personal shuffle.)
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Tweets for 2008-08-13

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0002: @intrepia Support pins?
  • Tuesday, 0002: Yeah, I thought I was getting up to read. Maybe now.
  • Tuesday, 0250: Into July 2004. I may finish tonight yet. Knocking off to read for a bit though.
  • Tuesday, 0317: Like it'll last. (I hope it will.)
  • Tuesday, 0503: Through the end of December 2004, baby. I ROCK. Of course, remains is the rest of 2005 through August, but hey. :D
  • Tuesday, 1306: I'm too self-important myself to complain about people I see being self-important.
  • Tuesday, 1459: OK! Now to tackle the "~ historical". ... LATER. :D
  • Tuesday, 2005: Vader versus ... very not Vader. And colour.

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