August 19th, 2008


Amusing spam headlines from my junkmail box! (These actually sound like Onion headlines.)

McCain Changes His Mind and Adopts a Gay Couple!
McCain in yet another reinvention announced that he and Cindy, his alcohol baroness 2nd wife, have decided to adopt a gay couple.

George Bush Pardons Lindsay Lohan
President George W. Bush presided over Lindsay Lohan's trial and gave her a full pardon, but left the fine intact.

Jesse Helms, in the Afterlife, Finally Does a Good Deed

John Mccain Taps Osama Bin Laden As Running Mate

Children Admit To Being Little Shits. Video

The Founding Fathers Fought for My Right to be a Stupid Jerk

The World is on Pace to Run out of Internet by 2010
Captain Logic

A list of "Woman Laws", likely made in response to "Man Laws", and why some of them piss me off.

So someone, sometime, posted these, probably as something from an email forward. I read through them, agreeing on some fronts and genuinely appalled on others. They're presented here, with some very minor spelling corrections, and a lot of commentary. I'd been meaning to do this for goodness knows how long; they were probably migrated over from the laptop; last night with my NIC and the router not talking to each other was the ideal time.

1) Thou shall never cater to a man’s every single need. We are not slaves.

Check. He's not a slave either, though. And if it genuinely pleases you to fill the needs of a partner, knock yourself out, but it had better be a nice and healthy partnership where your needs are getting filled too.

2) Women may not drive on a date, unless the man doesn’t have a car.

Bullshit. However, unless transportation is dreadfully impractical, it is nice to have one party pick the other up. The person organizing the event is typically responsible for the transportation. And in the US dating world, that's ... typically the man. Yay.

3) Chocolate is not a cure-all for your problems.


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Tweets for 2008-08-20

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0031: @gameboyguy13 "subsistence housekeeping" ahahahahahahaha
  • Tuesday, 0321: Network issues, mostly related to NIC. >_< Have however made nice network vital info card, pinned to network nook, plus portables.
  • Tuesday, 0420: Yeah, if anyone was wondering what that weirdness on LJ earlier was: <3 tupshin.
  • Tuesday, 0708: @lady_angelina Oh very much so. Security is only as good as the weakest link. Which in this case was code. :-P /me noodlewhacks devs gently
  • Tuesday, 0901: @lady_angelina Pool noodle.
  • Tuesday, 1102: @mayerman The topic in #lj_s made me do it. @coffeechica needs those touches! (That and I was in the FAQ after some suggestions stuff.)

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