August 20th, 2008


All right.

Someone tell me I really should not be writing Knightmares-verse "5 Things" fic. Because I should not. (Those who don't know what this is, carry on. Those who do, pummel me with pillows.)

... because I totally have a vaguely anime-influenced woman peering up at me out of a notebook, all tits and skirts and long trailing hair and silver star around her neck, great dark eyes shining up at me from behind wire-rimmed oval glasses, wanting to know what happens next, and a grimly sarcastic man in a dark trench coat lurking as yet undrawn behind her, radiating a dangerous kind of amusement.

After the night I had at work, maybe it's time to step down the St. John's Wort?
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Tweets for 2008-08-21

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 0832: Subtitles. :D
  • Wednesday, 0921: SNAKE. WHAT. (reading fic)
  • Wednesday, 0936: @coffeechica OMG SNAAAAAAAAAAKE.
  • Wednesday, 0944: Also, jellyfish. :( (Unrelated.)
  • Wednesday, 0958: ursulav does mushrooms. :D (work may not understand, and will judge.)
  • Wednesday, 1012: Beware of snakes.
  • Wednesday, 1826: So Google Ads decides to serve up an ad for "The original proven snake repellent! Chases snakes from your property!" based on LJ commentmail
  • Wednesday, 1857: Work will be getting new vending machines pretty soon. That will be entertaining. Supposedly more "healthy" choices. Hopefully "good" too.

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