August 21st, 2008

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Knightmares: the anime! (Skippable if you don't know or care wtf this is.)

[Edit: to avoid confusion, this springs from a meme back in 2004, where sithjawa wrote the best summary I have ever read of a piece of fanfiction that does not exist. So much so that it's been teasing my brain for years. So much so that I was tempted to write "5 Things" fic for it yesterday. This universe is *pure crack*, with a bazillion self-inserts. Not for the faint of heart; if this is not your gig, turn back now.]

The trouble with Azz/Dark fics is that they really need the background of their cases to showcase the complexity of their relationship, a complexity that's only hinted at in the actual episodes. Their light banter overlies a whole lot of mutual baggage.

The trouble with writing fic for a series that does not exist is that sometimes you have to write the series too. So.

2020. It may even be in the Darkside of Tokyo, for all we know. Collapse )

The episodes!

1.01 "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"
Collapse )
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Tweets for 2008-08-22

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  • Thursday, 1231: The fucking fucker's fucked, fuck it.
  • Thursday, 1248: /me is still having NIC woes
  • Thursday, 1249: I went through like a pack and a half of gum last night. Scary.
  • Thursday, 1252: Also, via @dduane, what fresh hell?!
  • Thursday, 2157: Touched Support a bit today, but Knightmares was eating my brain. So.
  • Thursday, 2159: Need more random protein about, as my style is officially crimped.

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