August 25th, 2008

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Points of Failure

Let's review. The router was shite. My NIC was unreliable. Now... we still have problems.

Allow me to illustrate with a typical trace route.

Collapse )

... yeah. That. Note hop 2, and especially hop 4. Nice short route otherwise. I don't usually get routes that direct except at work to our own servers. I'm still having timeouts and other woes, and the helpful Linksys Wireless Network Monitor informs me that while Madman's new NIC stays rolled up in ROLLEDUP (JD, take note; the key will be posted too in several of the usual places within the apartment), ROLLEDUP is not able to roll up the rest of the internet. That either means that Cox are being ... well, heh ... or that the cablemodem has gone bad.

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Tweets for 2008-08-26

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 0138: OK, lots more papers shuffled and either queued to file and sort in more detail, or handled, or tossed, or gathered to shred. Yay, me.
  • Monday, 0149: When fractals attack! (Written amongst a bunch of brainstorming for writers group name, back May/June or so)
  • Monday, 0531: I think it's Wireshark time.
  • Monday, 0550: @idonotlikepeas Gone savage for teenagers with automatic weapons and boundless love.
  • Monday, 0559: I can't color skin with markers. It wants gouache, beautiful Winsor & Newton burnt sienna teased out with water and layered like watercolor.
  • Monday, 0601: (That doesn't work so well on notebook paper, alas. But I can't get any pink to look like anyone's skin, ever.)
  • Monday, 0658: Watching Wireshark sniffing packets is slightly more educational than watching clothes tumble dry, but about the same zone-out state.
  • Monday, 1004: @nudaydreamer I agree with them, only awkward if you don't do it on purpose. You should do it on purpose.
  • Monday, 1005: *zzzzTHUNK*
  • Monday, 1840: @kestrelct Hahaha, soon you will join us!
  • Monday, 1853: @kestrelct Not really the "thing", but I have favorites, my roommate has favorites, my friends like it, so I have 7 bottles & OMG imps.
  • Monday, 1855: @kestrelct It's all sithjawa's fault, anyway; she sent me Rose Red '05 & that got me hooked on that & then I had to try some imps...

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