August 30th, 2008

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It's a geek thing.

When I crow about having found a problem that everyone else so far in a particular situation has missed, I don't mean by that "Oh look at the cleverness of me; everyone else is stupid for having missed it." I mean "Oh, look at the cleverness of me, this problem was obscure enough that it took serious cleverness to locate."

If I instead complain about having found a problem that everyone else so far in the particular situation has missed, especially including the key phrases "How was that missed?" or "Did no one think to...?" ...then yeah, that may well be a complaint about the other people who have handled it, although it may be more specifically a complaint about slovenly troubleshooting, laziness, and ill-advised and unjustifiable ignorance in a person who should know better.

Ignorance, however, can be cured with education.
Stupidity can't.

This rant was brought to you by a combination of finding an obscure error or two in some documentation, several instances of a multi-tech cluster of sequential wrong or incomplete answers, and a few frakking end-users who are determined that because they are getting an answer that they don't want to hear, that we are the ones who are technically wrong. It doesn't work that way, sweetie.
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Tweets for 30-8-2008

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Saturday, 0826: Virtually poked dude back. Got virtual chocolate. Virtually poked dude 6 times. Did not receive virtual punch. Winz.
  • Saturday, 0847: For anyone from work who was wondering about the post-its with meatspin lyrics on the spinny wheel -- yeah, that was me. :D
  • Saturday, 1129: I need to start painting again. It's amazing what I can do with a few hours of spare time, some reference images, and some ill-assorted pens
  • Saturday, 1833: @coffeechica Yay paint! And I'm glad you're back safely. FINALLY.
  • Saturday, 2118: @hmtasks c preen roomba, weekly

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