September 2nd, 2008

running, bomb tech

And it's now no longer my weekend. -- Mentos. In simulated microgravity.

I am really tempted to get out one of the postcards that I'm attempting to use up, and write a polite and cheerful little postcard to Governor Palin -- one that apologizes for not being able to wish her victory in the upcoming race, but wishes honest health and happiness to her and her family. I find it poorly played when her opponents are remaining classy, and the people who are often calling politicians out for being mudslinging jackasses are doing more slinging, and worse slinging.

In fact, I think elorie says it best: The only question I would ask about that, actually, is something like, "So, Governor Palin, since you support policies which will inevitably raise the rate of teen pregnancy and childbirth, what would you as Vice President do to ensure that all teenage parents have the same kinds of resources, support, and opportunities that your daughter does? ..."
running, bomb tech

Tweets for 2-9-2008

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0004: I play a game where I count the cops in the 16 miles between the best friend's place and home. 3 tonight.
  • Tuesday, 0007: Devil May Cry 4 has lovely graphics & an entertaining storyline, but does not pass the Bechdel Test. (though if the toad-monsters count...)
  • Tuesday, 0820: @afuna And they don't even have Chrome up yet so you can try it, that I see! is a 404!
  • Tuesday, 0827: I caught myself wondering why they put a *teenage girl* in the Star Wars animated feature. Then I was angry with myself. Boys-only universe?
  • Tuesday, 1006: @gameboyguy13 (I have instructions from this copied out on a paper in my purse or wallet)
  • Tuesday, 1014: @mamajoan Does it ease your liberal conscience to recall that people working Labor Day often get 2 to 2.5 times their normal pay?
  • Tuesday, 1244: Since I'm pretending it's still a weekend (Sunday night, for those who don't know my schedule) I finish up chores now. Yay, productivity.
  • Tuesday, 1259: Cleaned Roomba's brushes. *looks suspiciously at redhead* Set Roomba to vacuuming the combined living/dining/kitchen area.
  • Tuesday, 1301: Washed laundry. Dried laundry. Unloaded dryer. Put away clean clothes. Took a wet piece of old towel to the laundry room floor.
  • Tuesday, 2146: Holy Grail + Internet = "Zoot want a spanky spanky!"

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