September 3rd, 2008

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Hooray for devs!

A piece of good news in the middle of my insomnia!

Some fixes coming out for the Rich Text Editor as seen in changelog.

IE 7 users who are having trouble with the cut-tag button in the RTE: this is blocked by a setting in IE 7 that blocks scripted windows. To temporarily enable scripted windows, one goes into Internet Options > Security > Custom Level and temporarily enables Scripted Windows. Thanks to henrylyne who figured this one out! (There may still be more issues. Alas.)

Anyone who has any clue what is causing the general RTE fuckery (which seems to come in several flavours) or even how to reliably reproduce it, do please hit up and share.

Disclaimer: not a dev. Not an employee. Not even a user of the RTE. Just a volunteer.
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Tweets for 3-9-2008

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 0845: A couple days of this at work and I will be ahead. New requirements at work not official until next period. Acting like they are this.
  • Wednesday, 0942: I should have been in bed before the laundry was.
  • Wednesday, 0947: My dear customers: both IE 8 and Google Chrome are beta software. As such, our website doesn't have to support you when you come in them.
  • Wednesday, 0955: Wah!
  • Wednesday, 0956: GM has been retroactively outed at work, which I'm sure was far more entertaining for those who did not actually know prior.
  • Wednesday, 1002: Irate customer claimed registrar was a "pirate" for redemption fee. Me, to M-on-1st: "Privateer. Letters of marque & reprisal from ICANN."
  • Wednesday, 1006: @idonotlikepeas *curtseys* Have I mentioned lately how awesome it is to have co-workers to whom I don't have to explain everything?
  • Wednesday, 1212: Bad dreams of politics and biology, happily not together. Two hours is too few to be sleeping.
  • Wednesday, 1449: This sleeping thing is not working well today. omg.
  • Wednesday, 1510: what, I'm not trying *hard* enough to sleep? wtf.
  • Wednesday, 2135: Slept. Traded off group for sleep.
  • Wednesday, 2136: @afuna Linked your tweet in channel, as I am only slightly less lazy. There. Reported.

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