September 14th, 2008

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Sometimes I can communicate in Jeffy/LOLcat when I can't in English. For example, waking in the middle of my sleep cycle for bathroom and water, I notice that a) my dryerful is done, b) my washerful is done, c) hColleen has a chairful of sheets waiting. So I rotate my stuff.

"Washer's yours!" I chirp on my way back to my room. Unfortunately, because I am still half asleep (and plan to stay that way), it comes out more like, "Wahoozhoors?!" and I really don't think that Ryoko's mother actually kept a seraglio.

hcolleen *looks* at me. Obviously she didn't get it either.

"Washer! It is teh yooz!" I manage.

She nods and goes back to her computer. Message relayed.
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(an exploit in a wireless vending machine)

Work has, within the past month, swapped out its old vending company for a new one. I work in a call center with a bunch of geeks. Work has attempted to cater to this in their vending choices. All the new machines are state of the art and quite scary in contrast to the old vending machines that have been the same since like practically the 1970s.

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Just the Answers

It's spreading around Support like mad!

You answer a list of questions with the names of your LJ friends that any of these questions apply to. However, you cannot see the questions, only the answers unless you agree to repost this in YOUR journal. Sooooo...if you want to see the questions, you have to let me know in comments, then you have to post in your own LJ.

Note: the answers are probably going to be skewed towards support. ;D

1) bekijane
2) swallowtayle
3) No one.
4) elyssa
5) afuna_wired ;)
6) synecdochic (*applied*, not theoretical!)
7) If the present moment is to be counted, prissi.
8) marta
9) amberfox, demonstrably. :D
10) smmc
11) museumfreak
12) sionainn
13) shadesong
14) idonotlikepeas, but not both I don't think.
15) jai_dit (there are pics)
16) mamajoan
17) hotarunokokoro (hey! I spelled it right!)
18) the_spink
19) Out of an amazing field of applicants, coffeechica
20) easalle
21) wibbble
22) nilo, who chooses to use her powers for good
23) tygerr
24) starbrow
25) tupshin
26) ♥
running, bomb tech

Tweets for 2008-9-14

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0846: @gameboyguy13 It is clear that @jerkomatic is really you in disguise.
  • Sunday, 0847: @semanticist But surely it's charming that it did happen?
  • Sunday, 0935: Zero queue intermittently all night long led to gossip and lulz. We are spelling our sound effects & have symbolic poses (for boning).
  • Sunday, 0936: Despite zero queue, did not have time for lunch. Did not have desire for same either after massive jellyfish attack. 1 late pill... > ...
  • Sunday, 0945: (His name was January. Or handle, but you called hackers what they wanted you to call them. He was the coldest winter blond she'd met.)
  • Sunday, 1352: Had very tasty breakfast: chicken meat in strips intended for fajitas, over leftover rice, with cheddar cheese, Italian dressing, & soysauce
  • Sunday, 1411: IRC said there are no straight men at renfaires. Not so! Went with best friend! He bought a very large wooden sword & handled my smaller one
  • Sunday, 1412: Renfaire thing was this past spring, not current. Had to haul it out for example purposes. Best Friend v.v. straight; immune to Bowie&Gackt.
  • Sunday, 1412: If swapping out the cablemodem does not fix us, there will be a Cox tech.
  • Sunday, 1859: @semanticist However, being able to appreciate women with boobs does not rule out ... flexibility, see.
  • Sunday, 1900: @lady_angelina See, that's Texas! JD is in California. That makes quite a bit of difference! (OTOH, AK-47 Guy is from Texas.)
  • Sunday, 1901: @mayerman I KNOW. COX ARE SRS BZNS.
  • Sunday, 1936: This is why we can't have clean minds:
  • Sunday, 2000: I want to take this book and spread it along the wall and draw it with colored lines and dots and web 2.0 shinygraphics.
  • Sunday, 2021: Plot point: something, somewhere, somehow, has to be hacked through an exploit in a wireless vending machine.
  • Sunday, 2304: I was scared that someone was yelling for help, but I think it was our downstairs neighbors having sex or something.

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