September 16th, 2008

running, bomb tech

It seems the start of a productive day.

Started laundry, delivered hcolleen to bus stop, got assorted groceries, started roast beast (crockpot, with a raspberry chipotle sauce from Cheap & Easy), hammered on suggestions a whole lot (hard work!!) while having a delicious sandwich, finished laundry, took out garbage, gave feedback on some stuff, had a really entertaining chat with @ccc on twitter, and am now winding down for a nap before work.

The feedback involved, for the record, how the parties whose bright idea it was to put Snap previews on journals were violating the principle of unchanged content, especially in the absence of permission from most of those involved in creating said content (and in fact outright denial of permission from many), ought to, if LJ were really that desperate for money, take a walk down in the Tenderloin after dark, wearing a miniskirt and the other usual trappings, to attempt to raise cash, because that would be less invasive to the userbase as a whole, would probably result in a net gain in funds, and Frank would look pretty bitchin' in a pimp hat.

Neither the context evoking such feedback nor the response to said feedback are a part of this narrative.
running, bomb tech

Tweets for 2008-9-16

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0751: "actively insane" is a barrier to participation. :D
  • Tuesday, 0752: @coffeechica Area man soon to enter *crack rehab*?!
  • Tuesday, 1041: @comcastcares Speaking purely as an LJ user, LJ's a very different environment than Twitter: far more intrusive to contact there.
  • Tuesday, 1043: @comcastcares Twitter is like talking on the street; LJ is like showing up uninvited in the living room.
  • Tuesday, 1133: Instant bad crossover fic prompts:
  • Tuesday, 1419: @comcastcares It's up to the journal owner whether they restrict search engine access, but companies doing that's very socially unacceptable
  • Tuesday, 1508: @comcastcares It's somewhat difficult to articulate, but there's a sense of personal space about a journal even when it's completely public.
  • Tuesday, 1643: Shared fun & unprintable feedback re: ad-misfeatures enacted by ones who ought to have taken a miniskirted walk in the tenderloin instead
  • Tuesday, 1645: ...if really that short on cash.
  • Tuesday, 1651: @comcastcares As the CSR on the scene, do you have the latitude to choose to not reach out when someone is ranting but doesn't want contact?
  • Tuesday, 2218: hooray nightshift: where the supervisors sympathize over an accidentally fucked-up sleep schedule. (I get this any shift, alas.)
  • Tuesday, 2225: Dad taught us about The Thing and I thought it was so very cool.
  • Tuesday, 2238: @afuna If it wasn't in origin, we have cheerfully adopted it!
  • Tuesday, 2239: @afuna (that goes for both the saying and the restaurant, though I was talking about the one and you were talking about the other)
  • Tuesday, 2241: @afuna also, glad I am not the only one who was thinking boobies from that comment of @mayerman's.

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