September 27th, 2008

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afuna and I were discussing some of the most roundabout ways to get information from one place to another, based on something she encountered at work:

nothing says "easy" like a link that points to another link that points to a form on a page!

This got me going, and we got progressively sillier. The eventual result:

A link that points to another link that points to a page with a PDF form embedded with FlashPaper, which must be digitally photographed, uploaded from the camera, printed out, filled out, and faxed to a fax service that take the fax and emails it. The image in the email is converted back to text and read aloud by a screen reader.

Last night at work, I got a screenshot that the user said was "scanned". The image was sideways, and on first glance appeared to be black and white, although subsequent examination showed color from what was probably .jpg artifacts. It appeared that they had in fact held up a black-and-white scanner to their computer screen, and saved the resulting image as a color .jpg.

I did not think that such a thing could happen outside of fiction.
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running, bomb tech

Tweets for 2008-9-27

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Saturday, 0834: @ you and @ you: IANASH in Relationships, sorry. you're in that cat on your own, my children.
  • Saturday, 0837: must document the chupacabra farm. Also, tonight was the night of variety-pack bastard freakies. ok, maybe just asshat creepies.
  • Saturday, 0847: I must have sounded quite mad in the lunch room when I helplessly giggled over fictional Ben vs. the cake & school security camera. Writers.
  • Saturday, 0912: @coffeechica I am on errantry, and I greet you!
  • Saturday, 1405: Last night saw the Return of Old Desk Sprinkles. There are also plans involving dodgy sausage. (Probably not onna stick though)
  • Saturday, 1444: This story *always* makes me cry. Not many people get a chance to literally save the world:
  • Saturday, 1448: @mayerman The economy is tanking, health care is shit, the climate is fucked, this is Vietnam II, & government is over its head.
  • Saturday, 1511: GOTO considered by the state of California to be harmful.
  • Saturday, 1512: @gameboyguy13 Oh no I've said too much; I haven't said enough.
  • Saturday, 2000: Home Movies from the Cutting-Room Floor has demanded a short-story sequel based on workplace tramua, mitigating same.
  • Saturday, 2141: from 9/26: fluffy jacket error! Wampa's lair cold!

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