September 30th, 2008

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Quick recap:

Decided to go fetch dinner last night; headed down about 8pm; the place I was going closed at 9. Found Vash with a very flat flat. One of the nuts on said tire was missing the nice large smooth head that is normally there. Jacked him up high enough to get flat tire off; found that a) that last nut was stuck in the wrench-thing, and b) I had not jacked him up far enough to put the spare *on*.

At this point rhea_windrider dropped off hcolleen, and I borrowed her wrench-thing and jacked him up far enough to get the spare on. The nut popped out of the wrench it was stuck in once it was on tight enough. Yay. We chatted; I bawled my eyes out.

Today I took him in to get his tire looked at and an oil change, since he was due. They greeted me by name (having, I assume, found me in their customer listing by his license plate) and got the tire fixed (tiny little nail went all the way through, hissssss) and his oil changed.

I picked up some groceries. It is bad to be out of the tuna-salad-lunches that I have for lunch at work.

I then zipped off to have dinner with elyssa, stevieg, luminairex, and squidheadjax. Many hilarious kitten stories and tales of things breaking and/or catching on fire were told. Dinner was great; the service was indifferent. Since we are a bunch of geeks, when Stevie mentioned finding the server, my first reaction was, um, not the kind of server that one finds in restaurants. This led to interesting interpretations of "pinging the server", and other interesting interpretations of "firewall". Also, "forking" as applies to stabbitying one's leftovers (cut in two, continue with the stabbity), and onion coke (surprisingly not as vile as it sounds, and sweet), the "child process" of lettuce, playing ring toss with onions, and assorted behavior that is more suited to a college cafeteria than a semi-upscale sports bar.

I handed over leftover beer, as they'll drink it sometime this century. elyssa delivered a hug-by-proxy from coffeechica.


I stopped by cheap&easy for more apple slices; they gave me an asston of coupons.

#lj_s was thoroughly nickrolled.

Now it is time to go to work, just about.
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Tweets for 2008-9-30

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0047: Time to get current with User Friendly.
  • Tuesday, 0056: "He's no neighbor! He's at least 11 router hops from me!" (Still funny even years later.)
  • Tuesday, 0148: Finally importing photos from the memorial
  • Tuesday, 0223: Images are weeded and in the process of being uploaded. This is for the family. Hooray, family.
  • Tuesday, 0239: Elven linux tech support:
  • Tuesday, 0245: I can't even begin...
  • Tuesday, 0419: @afuna ahahahahahahahahaha
  • Tuesday, 0420: @afuna How long ago did you send it? It takes a bit to arrive. I was startled that way too.
  • Tuesday, 0429: @afuna Oh, perhaps I am confused. I meant the @HMTasks authentication email, not @semanticist's twitterscript, which you might have meant.
  • Tuesday, 0430: @afuna I am laughing like crazy at you adding people to your todo list, as I have at various points in time done the same. *blush*
  • Tuesday, 0434: pending music to rate now (just barely) below 900.
  • Tuesday, 1533: My hobby: noticing when websites have not bothered to replace the default favicon on their server with something custom & laughing. HAIPLESK
  • Tuesday, 1535: @mayerman Half-ass it so you have it ready to produce, then talk to prof about your options.
  • Tuesday, 1611: Tea tree oil preparation meant for blemishes is working wonders on this instance of Swimmer's Ear. Happy.
  • Tuesday, 1635: @nudaydreamer One of those tiny-ended USBs? Those are interchangeable unless there's some weird proprietary dongle action.
  • Tuesday, 1703: It helps when you actually know where the shop is.
  • Tuesday, 2114: @coffeechica Thank you for the hug. Lyssa delivered it to me.
  • Tuesday, 2118: @coffeechica My engines *may* be running tomorrow morning. Have had talk w/bff, fabulous dinner, have cried self out, should be good to go.
  • Tuesday, 2120: Went to my local Big O Tires, got an oil change & Vash's flat fixed. They recognized me by his plate & greeted me by name. :D Win.
  • Tuesday, 2200: What song do you sing in honor of the mother of all tequila? Agave Maria.

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