October 14th, 2008

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Hooray for girly bits!

Woke up at 3am, decided that sleep was not happening further. Took nice hot bath. Stayed up until time for doctor's appointment, having cleverly Googled the address beforehand, and taken advantage of Street View, which was quite happily accurate.

It's sort of disconcerting to be faced with a fill-in-the-bubbles set of questions when showing up at a new doctor's office. It's also disconcerting to be faced with OB questions when you're there for GYN and GYN alone, and if you were there for OB then your boyfriend in 2004 would have to have had, like, super-sperm or something, and also on second thought you would really rather not reproduce with him, having had four years to think it over. (He, also, would probably have had time to reconsider. Not that we were planning on reproducing then, either.)

Having trusted that my current primary care doctor had faxed my medical records to the current place, I was totally unprepared for this having not happened, and not knowing what I was on other than "the pill" and "an antibiotic". Funtimes. I am, however, not dreadfully worried given that the consequences for one interfering with the other are maybe some spotting, as I do not have to worry about birth control at this point in my romantic life, given that DO NOT WANT, REALLY, from the available options of NOT HIM.

The most awkward part of the whole proceedings: the stupid paper gown. WTF is that shit. Seriously, WTF.

The most painful part, and also the most WTF: doctor peering in my ears. GYN, people. GYN. Swimmer's ear is really not part of your problems. I was just mentioning it for full information. ("Virgin ears" jokes go here.) Happily, it's mostly cleared up, and I may have to consider the cottonball-in-ear thing when it warms up again.

The most boring part: waiting what felt like half an hour for the doctor to arrive once I'd disrobed, and then not quite as long but still pretty long for the assistant person to get back after I'd re-robed. I brought a book. I am sure that there are more awkward things than reading a book while half-naked in a stupid paper gown lying on an exam table, but that has got to make the list somewhere.

I get to have a pelvic ultrasound once NaNo starts, go team me. After scheduling that and stumbling out into the sunlight, I did some swift shopping, then came home and talked music with myrrhianna, who is introducing me to the Flaming Lips.

Darkside was not amused by my (totally empty) threat to give him more details on the exam. Silly boy.
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Best friends forever.

Went over to see Darkside, as is now becoming customary for Mondays, since we're both recovering on Sundays these days: me from work, and him from game.

We watched some Mythbusters, some Star Wars animated TV show, and then a whole lot of Slayers. He is the evil GM of an evil Star Wars game right now, and is having troubles thinking of sufficiently evil pursuits for his gang of evil characters to get up to. He managed to erase one of the episodes he'd been planning on sharing with me; the recorder's HD is only so big and he's getting into the habit of watch-and-erase.

We never can talk about something straight on. I was going to let him know, after all these years, about that promise that I made. To get there, though, we had to go through sidesteps of context, not to mention the tangents. (College was so long ago. I know. He never makes a promise if there's the slightest chance he might not keep it, and I admire that. He has his reasons. He couldn't promise me to keep in touch, even when I begged him. He's an Army brat. I know. There were things that he'd never actually told me, but I'd read them from the pattern of his babbling and silence over the years, and read them off his class website. And spaghetti-red on Mountain Dew green is not a good website color combination. He knew. Thank goodness that site is gone now. His code was tangled and twisted around words he didn't speak to me.) And I had promised myself, but hadn't told him then. And here we were.

And there we were, and we kept watching Slayers. And the tennis episode showed up, and I screeched and flailed at what that mage had done to his FACE until he hit me with the empty Sprite bottle.

And when his parents were here it got cleaned up, but now that they're gone again it's starting to descend once more into bachelor chaos.

He'll record that episode again, or try to, so I can get my Star Wars fix again.

My parking sucks. He was amused about the ear thing.

(22 hours awake. Time for bed.)
running, bomb tech

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  • Tuesday, 1301: I have put my shimmer body powder of great shimmeriness into my almond vanilla body powder of great almond-vanilla-ness. Maybe will use now?
  • Tuesday, 1302: Me: "How are you gentlemen?" Ex: "!!!" Me: "Cats got your tongue?" Us = dorks. :D
  • Tuesday, 1532: retweeting: looks like 14 year old daughter of @genochurch missing since 10/11/2008, likely in GA/Carolinas, details http://ping.fm/SUJAl
  • Tuesday, 1552: It's bad when the barrettes start rusting.

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