October 19th, 2008

catch me if I fall . . ., R.E.M.


So as the always-fabulous synecdochic was in town this weekend to officiate at a wedding and then hang out, somehow dinner plans evolved. And by 'somehow', I mean I attempted to humbly get my first comment in requesting the pleasure of same, then got referred over to the House of Spink! as said plans were not under synecdochic's control. elyssa happily left the planning in my hands, and plotting proceeded at a pretty good rate. The bride came up with venue suggestions, I sorted, and somehow a consensus was reached by means of me sort of picking one at random. emptybackpack got rolled up into the plans, and we convened upon the place of dining at the appointed hour.

emptybackpack had never met People from the Internet before, and we had a happy little session of frantic fangirling before the House (elyssa, stevieg, luminairex, and squidheadjax) and synecdochic arrived.

Dinner happened. I was the first one to spill stuff in my tea. We shared dishes on the lazy susan, and the sauce for the deep-fried tofu was drippy, and I had gotten approximately 15 minutes worth of sleep. (Oh, yes. Sleep. You flighty temptress. I am going to have to check in with my doctor regarding that once the weather cools down and stays cool, because I am not sure if I can attribute all this not being able to stay asleep to the heat. So I slept for maybe 15 minutes total tops between work and dinner, then of course when it was time for dinner I got tired. Before time to leave, though, I got quite overexcited and polished my nails and fretted about doing my hair and generally made a nuisance of myself in #lj_s; I preen only slightly more before going out on one of those IT'S-NOT-A-DATE-DAMMIT events with the best friend. So I propped myself up with caffeine. I was a bit shaky.) synecdochic shortly thereafter graciously dropped some chicken in her own water glass (at least it was not salsa, JD).

synecdochic's hair is at maybe the quarter-inch stage, and she does grant petting. :D I have eight years of hair on my head now, and the tips are down to my waist.

synecdochic and I wound up monopolizing the conversation. We started in on writing and stayed on that for a good long while. The inevitable references to jdn that are not references to jai_dit wound up happening, with lots of gossip. Eventually the inevitable shop talk followed, and that opened up the floor a bit more to the House.

Also, these things were mentioned and must be noted:

Bacon. Specifically, bacon pancakes and/or waffles, with maple syrup.

How utterly inadvisable it is to try some jalepeños and then pick one's nose. (This story involved the poor party whose nose it was eventually snorting strawberry-banana yogurt to attempt to soothe the burning.)

Never forget. Never forgive. That, and the ever-changing epithets. Someday someone will come the ton of bricks that that person deserves, and oh boy are they going to deserve it, quite richly too.

Responsible Adulthood, and how sometimes this hinges upon being able to fake being a Responsible Adult when the situation calls for it. Somehow, when I'm having a good day and am not thinking that all my actions are the work of some form of evil, I have accepted my role as a Responsible Adult, as I have helped deal with midnight puking 4-year-olds, this being one of the criteria for being one and the threshold events defining me as one.

synecdochic threatened to send me Cammie.

Certain Engineering Types are sneakypants and also total love. Kind of blew the thing on the one thing, but it's not like that one thing wouldn't be totally screamingly obviouscakes; the only way it could have been more obviouscakes would have been had I planted a great big blue pushpin with a flag on it to it and did a little singing dancing number.

There was gossip post-dinner, as synecdochic attempted to stand downwind of the non-smokers (everyone else).

Slave == minion == grad student!

The House and I really must do this more often.

Upon departure from dinner, I stopped by the grocery store, as I had a sudden and inexplicable wanting for Zima. There was, however, none to be found at Fry's (grocery), so instead there were mudslides.

I have had 1 mudslide and approximately 24 hours up, now, and I have started tearing strips out of "Cheesecake", although I'm not in a place to be doing structural edits. I'm probably to be headed to bed soon.

I was supposed to have gotten pictures. Somehow I didn't. Life goes on! We had fun!
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Tweets for 2008-10-19

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0743: I had better not be too excited to sleep.
  • Sunday, 0811: Added "imperfect English" as an LJ interest, because you find absolute gems of phrasing you don't find with perfect English.
  • Sunday, 0828: jdn again leads to me laughing hard enough to disturb the roommates: http://ivorygates.livejournal.com/88488.html
  • Sunday, 0829: @semanticist ONLY a person of whom I am an entirely mad fangirl in town and dinner with same. Also a friendly acquaintance & mutual friends.
  • Sunday, 0832: @prissi http://tinyurl.com/5dcvcc
  • Sunday, 1126: I try to write the model if not the name of the device on its plug in silver Sharpie if it's not generic. Fewer guessing games later.
  • Sunday, 1208: One of the words of the night at work was "geld". Miss Sarcasm wasn't familiar with it. We had to explain.
  • Sunday, 1230: @mayerman Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  • Sunday, 1231: @mayerman suggestions comments are fun! There's very little of the characteristics found in, say, news-post comments.
  • Sunday, 1430: @ataniell93 That depends if Endymion would be comfortable with Cammie watching.
  • Sunday, 1431: @Prissi I think it's a great mnemonic, both for the beat to get the timing the right speed, and the name for remembering the song.
  • Sunday, 1450: It is by the fic of Stargate that I set my eyes in motion; it is with the feet of joggers that the words acquire speed.
  • Sunday, 1451: The clones acquire snakes; the snakes become a warning. It is by the fic of Stargate that I set my eyes in motion.
  • Sunday, 1454: via @burr86, best man fail: http://video.yahoo.com/watch/3710199/10203309
  • Sunday, 1506: @ataniell93 *dies*
  • Sunday, 1634: In lieu of sleep, I polish my nails.
  • Sunday, 1705: great. Dinner tonight, and my cleavage manages to get all spotty. Thanks, TRI-SPRINTEC 28! I knew I could count on you!
  • Sunday, 2045: Had a marvelous time. Formed half of Writers Monopolizing the Conversation Bloc, with Syne as other half. Then shop talk.
  • Sunday, 2108: Job skills that really you can't list on your CV: "Battleaxe."
  • Sunday, 2119: @afuna Very much so!!
  • Sunday, 2227: I appear to have become sober. Either that, or I'm so tired I can't tell the difference between tired and drunk. I think bed in any case.
  • Sunday, 2227: Ideally at this point I would have like 16 hours of sleep. Not 16 minutes.
  • Sunday, 2234: Yeah: I'm dizzyfaced tired! Yay!

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