October 27th, 2008

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Tweets for 2008-10-27

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0753: LJ down (not just for you)
  • Sunday, 0823: @lady_angelina No clue when #lj will be back up; ops should know but no one has confirmed in channel that they do, addicts trickling in
  • Sunday, 0827: @lady_angelina * Sophie has changed the topic on channel #lj_support to Welcome to #LJAnonymous. We feel your pain, too. ::
  • Sunday, 0839: @bekijane No, the planned #LJ downtime was for the 29th. Someone's calling someone to make sure ops know.
  • Sunday, 0845: @bekijane welcome. ;) Am just grumpy that it died while I was loading a fic. Though it's bedtime anyway for all good Lunatics!
  • Sunday, 1350: Reading IRC scrollback. Wow, looks like I missed a lot of LJ-suck. :(
  • Sunday, 1351: (the woez is for the lj-suck; I'm very glad I missed it. If IRC were to go down at the same time as LJ there would be a mass panic.)
  • Sunday, 1352: @lady_angelina Not so much really 'looking into this' as knowing how very much I am addicted & knowing others are too! ;-P
  • Sunday, 1354: @derumi Woo, now they have status.livejournal.org updated; saw in IRC that there was a bit of a shuffle to find someone who could Sunday AM
  • Sunday, 1629: Back from #nanowrimo East Valley Phoenix kickoff. Still be-stickered, wearing my LJ shirt. Plotting!
  • Sunday, 1826: Glow-in-the-dark vs. sparkle-in-the-sunlight
  • Sunday, 1827: @emptybackpack I looked for you at the kickoff; couldn't make it?
  • Sunday, 1901: Political: crossover fanart: http://tinyurl.com/5w3duq
  • Sunday, 1932: When I have to explain it, it dawns on me that really it is hard to imagine this man being more attached to me.
  • Sunday, 1933: @emptybackpack Aha. One of *those*.
  • Sunday, 1942: @semanticist Script did not post for yesterday?
  • Sunday, 1952: Fortune: "To be mature is to accept imperfections."
  • Sunday, 2121: I have never actually smoked cigarettes, but sometimes I get the urge to anyway. Doubt I will ever, but it's weird to have that craving.
  • Sunday, 2136: Trying pomegranate raspberry wine cooler.
  • Sunday, 2222: @kestrelct It is all right: nicely tart and fruity, although I am not such a big fan of tart. Bartles & Jaymes.
  • Sunday, 2243: Not feeling so hot. Should eat something eventually. Meanwhile, time to go read quietly.
  • Monday, 0005: Need something to write to capture the creepiness that I feel thinking of encryption/lost messages/messages that arrive despite loss.
  • Monday, 0009: Ahahahahaha LJ.
  • Monday, 0244: OK! Now I know I can read Connie Willis's Passage any time I need a tearjerker.
  • Monday, 0251: @afuna pong ping?

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More et cetera

When I have the budget for custom fine jewelry, I should like a matched pair of silver Eye-of-Horus pins, suitable for pinning on either side of a high collar.

Dear Web,
Thank you for the vgifts.

I have a serious kink for the kind of conversation that one can have without the text of the actual message being contained by the actual words that were spoken. I adore nuance, subtlety, the sort of thing you have to know someone subjective years to figure out. Though some people get it on the first meeting and some never get it.

I'm not sure how bidirectional this particular communications channel is with my best friend. I'm not in his head, so I can't tell what-all he's getting out of what I'm broadcasting without being aware that I am.
running, bomb tech

This is feeling more and more real every time I say it.

California. I'm planning to move to California. By the end of December.

Phoenix was always temporary. Now that I have come to the conclusion that what my job is asking of me is something that I cannot maintain and still be healthy in mind and body, and since I'll be moving anyway -- it's time.

There are many people and things that I will miss, and no mistake. Not the least of these is my best friend. I have already sent him an e-mail and also discussed in person. I will miss him so, so badly, but I have known for some years now that California is home. The land tells me so.

I have told my best friend. I cried on marta's virtual shoulder. I have told our old college buddy Dawn. I have told my aunts, my mom, and my sister. I have told those in IRC who were there when I told them. I am plotting with lacey. Now I am telling you.