October 29th, 2008



LJ going down for maintenance in about 20 minutes, staying down for about 2 hours. See y'all in the morning!
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Tweets for 2008-10-29

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 0817: @semanticist Any time in the 7 hours following the usual time is fine for me -- I will be safely at work and not twitting about.
  • Wednesday, 0818: @emptybackpack Now I will have to count the estimated number of bags in our tea cabinet. Suspect it may be more.
  • Wednesday, 0820: Thanks, guys. :) Things got better after getting to work. Supervisor is awesome supervisor and today was not bad.
  • Wednesday, 1716: PSA: #lj going down tonight for 2 hours. Nobody panic. Ghost stories in IRC during the downtime.
  • Wednesday, 1717: @emptybackpack Heeeee, not sure how fast we go through tea as hColleen buys it as fast as we can drink it, sometimes faster
  • Wednesday, 1736: @emptybackpack Touch the support board. Come into IRC. We are friendly, we have cookies, and you have already met some of us!
  • Wednesday, 1738: (disclaimer: I will be at Writers Group Dinner by the time LJ goes down, and am leaving for writers group right quick.)
  • Wednesday, 1747: *waves around http://www.livejournal.com/support/help.bml temptingly*
  • Wednesday, 1759: @emptybackpack It's easier once you get the hang of it! Look at some of the approved answers on the board for style tips; don't copy; enjoy!
  • Wednesday, 1806: If you're unsure how to deal with, shall we say, difficult customers, leave them for a supporthelp or an admin. & bookmark.
  • Wednesday, 1809: @emptybackpack I Am Not A SupportHelp, & can't give specific advice on what is approvable. Sometimes more info is needed though.
  • Wednesday, 1812: @emptybackpack See direct message for advice on getting in touch with SHs for 'zomg not sure what to do with this request'. ;)
  • Wednesday, 1936: @mayerman New screenie; also an attendee at the excellently fun dinner with Syne the other day.

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