November 1st, 2008

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So I had a squishyball that had a clear outer casing surrounding a blinky thing and a bunch of colorful squishy balls. I took this in to work. Now, the clear outer casing was somewhat gummy. There is carpet fuzz.

...anyone who was guessing that this led to the thing being called the "hairy ball sack" would be right on the money. Specifically, since I had brought it in, it was *my* hairy ball sack.

The guys started tossing it back and forth to try and stay awake. Playing with my hairy ball sack, check. Magnus aimed poorly, and smacked Chappy square in the forehead. Teabagged! crowed they.

Magnus wound up stretching it over the internal blinky thing, rupturing it. Yep, busted my balls! So I pulled the internal balls out. Some were green, some were blue, some were pink. Magnus and Chappy decided to see what would happen if they chewed on the balls. Evidently they tasted gross (I am not surprised). I advised Chappy to wash his mouth out with soap.

That was just the highlights. As it went on for some time, by the end of it all we were very punchy and it had gone past uncouth into absolutely hysterical.

This is what Halloween was like.
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Tweets for 2008-11-1

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Saturday, 1714: @coffeechica Ohhhh I have not staaaaaaaaarted yet zomg this is going to be a fun month.
  • Saturday, 1756: Wow, NaNo may need something a little beefier in their servers. They're getting hammered.
  • Saturday, 1819: Heroine has acquired a hair color. This is exciting! Usually they don't!
  • Saturday, 1846: @coffeechica You're ahead of me so far. I'm only in the low 1000 range. NaNo website also being bitch.
  • Saturday, 1913: 1698. I can pause for a bit of a shower now.
  • Saturday, 2145: So what's the deal on the nano page, with that little box to update stats not working? That would be brilliant.

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