November 3rd, 2008

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Tweets for 2008-11-3

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 0549: Now I see how this is absolutely the sequel. I'm so glad this is the sequel. I had no idea before how they were going to do it. Now I do.
  • Monday, 0549: It's hard to think of a unique mechanism to destroy the world. Mike and Connie and especially Raven will be KICKING THEMSELVES.
  • Monday, 0550: Mary will also feel VASTLY SUPERIOR to Connie once they figure it out, and Connie will *loathe her* (and loathe herself).
  • Monday, 0602: But I don't think this is going to be a zombie plague because they have to PREVENT the zombie plague. So there is no destruction actually.
  • Monday, 0604: @world sorry about that, song lyrics
  • Monday, 0605: lyrics: "D world destruction Over an overture N do I need apostrophe T need this torture?" :D :D :D
  • Monday, 0607: (Anyone who knows both Twitter syntax and TMBG lyrics, feel free to follow what I just did there and laugh at me)
  • Monday, 0913: Wound up at doctor's appointment early, went to get car tire seen (busted valve stem) back for a few minutes before PELVIC ULTRASOUND.
  • Monday, 0925: I am totally loving my palmtop for nano. Palmtop and google docs for the win. Keeping memo with current story for reread&edits + 1 for new.
  • Monday, 1055: Haha, Picard is called by his last name in the team status updates. Pretty much everyone else is called by their first but the double Matts.
  • Monday, 1057: @ataniell93 It wasn't all that bad. The external one wasn't working, so they had to do an intra-vaginal one. Foolish wand-waving.
  • Monday, 1104: So true:
  • Monday, 1105: Will attempt to prove that I am the perfect woman by picking up 6-pack and pizza before showing up at anime night. (Dr Pepper.)
  • Monday, 1154: To monkeywrench a plot that is going swimmingly but is a little stuck for action, watch me add something ripped from the Eye.
  • Monday, 1156: I totally stole my roommate's bukkit (of laundry).
  • Monday, 1225: Good writing music for me includes the Mortal Kombat soundtracks.
  • Monday, 1245: Also, while I'm at it, they did find cysts on my ovaries! Go, Team PCOS!
  • Monday, 1330: Oh, I love him so. He makes me happy in the small and silly ways that count. <3
  • Monday, 1346: @lady_angelina One doesn't typically have to have surgery to remove PCOS ovarian cysts unless they're causing problems, that I know of.
  • Monday, 1347: Threatening best friend with details of pelvic ultrasound. Best friend hiding under table. So much for his cool and suave self-image. <3
  • Monday, 1405: Yay the little box to update word count is live. I am at 5087 now, so I am on track for Day 3, and I want to get more done before midnight.
  • Monday, 1422: @nudaydreamer At the rate I am going, I may even have another thousand words or so by the time I leave for Anime Night.
  • Monday, 2242: It was a good afternoon. Couldn't find a 6-pack; brought a 12-pack. Finished up Slayers. Good Mythbusters.

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