November 12th, 2008


In which I am polite, adult, and still manage to strike below the belt at least three times.

An old friend of mine IMed to ask how I was doing. Said friend is LDS. Prop 8 came up. Said friend was not worried on the grounds that those wanting to get married can go to another state to do so, and it will eventually be overturned in the Federal courts. Said friend can legitimately bring up old overturned marriage laws regarding race, because he is a child of a mixed marriage. However, I got brassed off enough to say the following to him:

I think that marriage is more than a "want" when access to medical services and other partner benefits are at stake.

I think that access to marriage that requires going out of state to get married is no meaningful access.

You are not a California voter, so I do not hold you accountable for any part of the California vote. You are an adult male in your church. I am not your wife so I have no rightful say over what you have to say to your church, but in a country that separates church and state I think your church has no right interfering with affairs of state to attempt to disenfranchise any citizen, and were I your wife that is what I would tell you to tell them.

I count three exceptionally low blows in this commentary. How many can you count? (Note: this is Figment I was talking to.)
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Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd


Darkside said something involving "the lab" the other night.

"Thanks for the earworm," I grumbled at him.

"Oh, what is it?" he asked. "The Monster Mash?"

"That, and 'Come up to the lab, and see what's ... on the slab'," I said.

He LEAPED sideways, away from me. He loathes Rocky Horror, due to overexposure.

"It's just a jump to the left," I smirked at him. Too bad he had been standing with his right side facing me.
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ieee coin


That flighty temptress. Between things that one has to do, and things that one winds up doing, one winds up really with not much of it. Hooray.

Again, thank you.

I would like to thank Deyon.
I would like to thank Kim.
I would like to thank [redacted].
I would like to thank Iroshi.

I would like to thank all of you, all of you and surely more, but you in particular, had been there in the past, at moments when I needed someone, some human, some friendly presence that was willing to listen and who would not make my pain worse, to remind me that it was possible to wake from the nightmare. I found the strength to make one last(?) flail in the direction of the living, and they were in the right place at the right time to remind me that I really didn't want to die, I just wanted to stop hurting.

It's been years since I have been there, but it's hard to forget. So thank you.