November 18th, 2008


lost language & other elusive forms of fun

Woke up at 4. Cleaned some house in anticipation of filter change, plus, weekend. R. Daneel got to come out and roll around. Got to Darkside's perhaps an hour later than anticipated despite being almost ready to walk out the door -- one sentence turned into a small essay. He hasn't had a chance to read the Novel of Doom, yet -- school!

We started out with some Mythbusters, some more Mythbusters, and then some animated Star Wars. This was followed up by some more recent Final Fantasy. I got smacked with an emotion stick partway through that movie, and started attempting to deny the fact that I was crying. That did not work so well, and I had tissues thrust upon me. By this point I had lost the ability to communicate coherently in the English language, although some irrelevant things were still available, some incoherent things, and some non-English (mostly Japanese) things. I know more Japanese than he does, and I don't even know enough to find a bathroom. Eventually I was able to invite him (in English) to "invade my personal space", which he (correctly) took as an invitation to join me on the couch, whereupon I attached myself to his hand and was quite unwilling to give him up for the remainder of the evening. He, having the patience of a saint in some important areas, did not complain overmuch at me, although I will surely hear about it later.

We also wound up watching Armitage III. Enjoyable. I actually managed to catch some of the plot bits before they were revealed.

No real plotbabbling, unless you count the bits about the dudes in the parking lot on fire and the amount of damage they will cause.
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Tweets for 2008-11-18

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  • Tuesday, 0648: Armitage has a whole lot of fan service. Best friend commented upon the few times I did not point it out. More than he remembered, heh.
  • Tuesday, 0713: I had a greeeeeeaaaaat vgift idea. I am also evil.
  • Tuesday, 0724: Mi Amiga says that: "We need errors like 403.2 'Not Recommended' or 404.5 'Temporarily Misplaced'."
  • Tuesday, 0742: Error code 418.
  • Tuesday, 0744: @afuna Relationship advice: never under any circumstances violate RFC 2324 section 7! :-P
  • Tuesday, 0816: Better than Chuck Norris:
  • Tuesday, 1050: @afuna Well, you can still pull them up in gmail and draft responses!
  • Tuesday, 1125: Looks like some things at #livejournal are on their way back up; IRC is reporting some Jabber server connectivity.
  • Tuesday, 1127: @purpure I use #livejournal in preference to #lj because the latter is a little clogged and the former is drilled into me from spr0t.
  • Tuesday, 1128: though #livejournal proper still down. IRC spirits high and somewhat punchy.
  • Tuesday, 1139: @ursamajor Huh. Who'd'a thunk?
  • Tuesday, 1139: @lady_angelina Working hard on the Document For Tupshin! Maybe it'll get done today?
  • Tuesday, 1151: @lady_angelina It's now up to 41 kilobytes. Kind of intimidating.
  • Tuesday, 1157: #lj homepage coming back up
  • Tuesday, 1158: #lj My friends page is back. Be kind to the servers!
  • Tuesday, 1212: @ataniell93 No clue! I've been reporting the freshest #lj news I have live from IRC, where gathered are ops and bored employees & addicts.
  • Tuesday, 1244: @cassieclare OMG, wow. >_< Nice to see the real you here, though!
  • Tuesday, 1245: @cassandraclare Dude, not at all cool.
  • Tuesday, 1306: @cassieclare They seem to have edited. A Fandom Wank production?
  • Tuesday, 1346: is a fascinating resource.
  • Tuesday, 1610: @ataniell93 Memcache probably not caught up yet. :(

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