December 13th, 2008

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And then the internet meets up.

Attending: sithjawa, ziqueenmab, willskyfall, azurelunatic.

"Stop the internet! I'm getting off!" (internet safeword) (how the network key is not in fact the internet safeword)
"Badger pizza."
"It's like an internet crisis. We are out of pr0n." "Masturbatoriums across the country are grinding to a halt due to the lack of pr0n."
Auto-bukkake: a bunch of guys who get themselves in the face.

"There's a laptop right there."
"Are you going to lick it?"
"Probably not."

"Penny for your cleavage!" (humiliation and pain: kinky) "So pennies are kinky!"
"What isn't when thrown at people?"

Charlie Brown BDSM: (a burning utility pole in your area. "How utility is your pole?" "Burning? You should see a doctor for that.")

"Can you see the internet from here?"
"I can see the internet from my house!"
"Can you still see it?"
"OK, let me fuck it. ... Fucking number 1 ... " "Why don't you quality time the cablemodem a little bit."
"They're sticking together!"
"They have little ... special holes for sticking together."

"...unattended blood ..."
"So all you'd have to do is ... have people not pay attention to your blood."
"But then that would prove weird things about monkeys."
"Yes, as far as quantum goes, more than a cat."
"Can you put a monkey in a box?"
"No, you'd use a barrel."
"But it's a barrel full of monkeys!"
"But one monkey, if the barrel is closed, could theoretically be occupying any and all space in the barrel."
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So let me sum up.

I stayed up later than I should have, but I was packing and putting stuff in the car. I therefore slept later than I intended, and did not get on the road until after noon. The drive to LA was mostly uneventful, although I did have some fun rest stop moments where their signage totally did not match where things actually were.

After I hit California, after dark, I called Darkside, who was already mostly asleep, but was amused that I was a Big Girl and driving in CA all by myself for the first time. (It's true! I've never driven in CA before! I've been to CA, and people drove me places, but I'd never been behind the wheel before. However, I was taught to drive by an LA driver. [and yes, I just typed that "LJ" by accident.] )

I had written out the directions to places in pencil until halfway through. Once dark hit, reading them therefore became problematic. So I called sithjawa, having thoughtfully first created a "call in case I get lost" filter: filtered because the entire internet does not need to know addresses that are not mine, and containing Google map links and instruction text for my planned route. This worked surprisingly well until I misjudged a lane and wound up going the wrong way. Then I failed at finding an iHop, and then there was a cardinal direction fail, and then there were the FUCKING CALIFORNIA DRIVERS.

See, I was in the lane that went right instead of the lane that went left like I should have been. So since this was very close to Steph's, I found the convenient parking lot and called. (Again.) We arranged to meet at the iHop that was somewhere along the road. Foolish me, I neglected to ask which direction, and went in the wrong direction, and figured that out after the road took an unexpected and exciting bend. I called back, and we were back on track, and this time I asked further directions. South side, she said. South. OK. So I was in the left lane, looking on the south side. I crossed the freeway, and OH THERE WAS THE IHOP ... on the north side. So I try to change lanes.

The two drivers behind me, seeing me slow down and seeing my turn signal, became vexed with me for slowing down, and promptly changed lanes behind me, into the perfectly clear lane that I was about to change into, blocking me, and forcing me forward into not!iHop territory. I did finally get to iHop, although my good temper was a casualty.

"Never use your turn signal," was the sage advice of my Uncle Davy, lifetime Californian. (SoCal.) "It warns them of your intentions." Truer words were never spoken.

Dinner was awesome and hilarious, and I proved to be more hungry than I thought I was. We then adjourned to the apartment, where more hilarious fun was had, as evidenced by the quotes.

"OK, I'm going to be frolicking naked with cleaning supplies for a while."

It will soon be something like bedtime.

I missed IRC a whole lot. I also completely fail at remembering my voice post settings.
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"I don't think I actually known someone who is gay for a hobby. I mean, 'What do you do in your free time?' 'Other men.' "
"I couldn't read your handwriting, and it compiled."
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on the road to SF

213K 1:07
“Hi guys, I am driving in the general direction of San Francisco, I am just north of Gorman, California (shout out to Gorman), um, and I am getting hailed on. Hailed. I am sufficiently Arizonan after my 8 years there that this is, uh, kind of shocking to me. Hail. In Gorman, California.

Um, say. [Hee.] It's been a really entertaining trip so far, although not much more entertaining than the post from last night that, well. Let's make it into that. Okay.

Um, I'll probably check in farther and [something]
look up what my validated phone number was, and send the PIN. Out of 6 possible combinations it was the one that I did not try, go figure. Um, yeah.”

Transcribed by: jai_dit
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Hmm, we must've taken a wrong fork a few miles back.

250K 1:20
“I'm taking a little bit of an inadvertent detour because I read some signs wrong. Instead of taking 152, I wound up on 156. Happily, I realized that something was kind of amiss, and wound up calling Steph, and learned that, well, it wasn't a trip based on my planned route, but not to worry; if I kept on I'd hit 101 anyway, um, or if I turned on 25 I'd hit 101 a little sooner, perhaps a little more driving time even though it's still a little out of my way, but here I am. I'm headed west on 25, looking at the signs for 101, and according to JD I need to take out the "the" when I'm indicating various highways and stuff because it will mark me as a Southern Californian even though [laughs] I'm technically not, even though I was raised by one, but um. Here I am, going 20, and I'm closer than I was. Oh goodness, this is really an interesting day.”

Transcribed by: jai_dit
Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd


So here I am in sunny (dark) San Francisco! Vash is unloaded, the bed is made, and tomorrow I drive back. Fun for the whole family!
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  • Friday, 2358: @ataniell93 Steph recommends food-grade shimmer, because if it can go in you, it can go on you. (I got a Liz Phair earworm from that.)
  • Saturday, 0005: @ataniell93 It does not go bad; check cake stores, wedding suppliers, craft shops, and/or online. Search for luster/lustre dust.
  • Saturday, 0106: - This was absolutely gorgeous in person.
  • Saturday, 0225: @ataniell93 Minerals! But food-quality minerals are going to above and beyond cosmetics-quality minerals.
  • Saturday, 1124: @oakandsage The Mob would not approve.
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