December 14th, 2008

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Hooray for the computer!

So my aunt does stuff with doggies! She's made a training flowchart for one particular dog (a fluffy white thing called the Snowball from Hell), and she was thinking about getting it on the computer. Heh, heh, heh.

She's now got a reasonable basic proficiency in working with flowcharts in Powerpoint for the Mac. I'm impressed.

Teaching technology on an unfamiliar platform is fun. I know the Windows GUI assumptions. I'm less comfortable with Mac. This is a bastard hybrid, given that it's an MS Office product.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

All kinds of OMG

So Sis called today; I'd texted her to let her know that hi, moving. (She didn't get the postcard, alas.) She updated me on some stuff, though the timing was a little off, as I was headed out of the sithjawa/willskyfall/ziqueenmab residence at just about then.
  • They got a whole bunch of snow.
  • She has been mostly just working.
  • The LF got banned from the bus for a day.
  • This was on account of telling bad jokes on the bus.
  • The LF has a friend who is ... perhaps not finest-kind.
  • They were particularly homophobic jokes.
  • I'm very glad I didn't have to have the talk that followed that with him.
  • The LF has taken up the banjo!
  • The LF is about as tall as his mom. Hi, puberty. (He's *12*!!)
  • The LF is growing a mustache. (HI, PUBERTY.)
  • [info]shammash is gay. The other cat, Thomas, is his boyfriend. (It's a ball-less, mostly-platonic kind of gay, from the description, mostly involving sleeping curled up together. He was never that close to Eris Raven, at any rate.)
  • There may be a kitty handfasting (pawfasting?) in the spring.
  • The lecture to the LF did involve "DID YOU REALIZE YOU ARE BEING *MEAN* TO YOUR *BROTHER*!?", heh.
  • I need to make sure that Dawn and Sis have each other's numbers.
Hooray contact!
California girl, poppies


Headed off to Phoenix again in just a bit. This time, there's a printout.
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Voice Post

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“I got to ... or actually I got out of the mountains, which was what I'd wanted to do before the sun set, so I'm very very happy. I am, um, in Banning, outside of LA now, on my way back to Phoenix. I stopped in for gas and 'cause I didn't- I didn't [laughs] wanna stop in LA 'cause... there the drivers suck, and I'm getting more and more like the LA drivers the more time I spend there, and that just scares me to no end.”

Transcribed by: jai_dit