December 15th, 2008

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Let us describe today!

Woke up. Booted up. Gathered self together. Packed lunch, with Guide Dog Aunt helping. Printed map (took horribly long, should set to black and white next time if needed). Got underway. Realized I'd left water bottle. Oh well. Pushed out of SF before stopping to refuel. There was rain! Traveled down I-5 most of the afternoon. Stopped to refuel and get a bottle of water at a place that I thought was Lost Hills, but evidently the signs were ... perhaps not what BrightKite thought I meant. I'd stopped there on the way out, too.

(Note: I have discovered two new non-favorite activities: going up mountains, and coming down mountains. Add in LA drivers to that, and make sure the roads are nice and unfamiliar, and make it dark.)

I got to the mountains outside of LA before dark, happily. This time, neither Gorman, CA, nor gorman dumped sleet on me. Cheered, I pushed through LA as the sun set, and didn't stop until I hit Banning, where I refueled and got more caffeine for me. I hadn't wanted to stop until I got on I-10.

Some component in the files/iPod/tapedeck converter/tapedeck is giving pockets of silence. It's either the converter or the tapedeck, actually, and I'll probably replace the converter because that's cheaper.

I called amberfox and we chatted until I hit dead pockets just over the Arizona border. Headset ftw; dead pockets ftl; 1 bar battery left and 2+ hours to go ftl. Note to self: need car charger if there will be much car/cellphone.

Stopped at that truck stop outside Quartzite (again, brightkite vs. me fail) and promptly dropped my lip balm under the car when I got out. This coincided with a Weird Guy talking to some dude with a sporty little Saturn (yellow and black) and the dude was Not For Talking. The Weird Guy then dissed all Dodges, and Vash by extension. WTF, Weird Dude.

I developed a headache complete with light sensitivity by the time I hit 411th Avenue, and it was in full swing when I got home. However, as balm for my frazzled nerves, I also had a card from chemicalfuel (and vtwopointoh) awaiting me, as well as SHOES. (I see Making Light's point about belaboring the obvious, but it's above and beyond not-a-gesture-of-goodwill by leaps and bounds. This isn't a random pieing. I'm trying to think of an equivalent US-centric gesture of disrespect, but I'm coming up completely blank. Pointing the bottoms of my feet at someone was in Dad's list of gestures I needed to know so that I wouldn't make them by accident. [Did I mention lately that I approve of Dad's educational style?] The reporter might as well have accused W of wiping his ass with the US flag at a backyard BBQ attended by Marines.)

In News of the Cryptic, I have headed for new and surprising levels of bafflement, with corresponding *flail* and so forth. When a girl cannot have a satisfactory Girl Talk with her best friend, as said best friend is first Male and second has his phone on silent because he's studying, the girl defaults to chattering cryptically and rather excitedly at any gay little brothers she may have adopted off the internet. (Best place to get gay little brothers. I cannot recommend the internet enough as far as that goes. Though "as a stray kitten" also works.)
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72 Hours of California Driving

In my first 24 hours of California driving, I learned:

There are two speed limits: one for cars, and one for trucks or anything that's towing something.
Roads in LA suck.
Everyone is going about 5-10 miles per hour slower than they would otherwise be going, because the roads suck.
If you're a car going the car speed limit, you need to be in the slow lane.
If you're a car going the truck speed limit, the trucks will pass you.
Anyone going faster than the next person in front of them in the lane will pass, rather than slow down.
Passing on the right-hand side is preferable to braking.
If you slow down so you can fit into that spot in the lane to the right of you to get out of the way of the two maniacs behind you, even if you put on your turn signal, they will dodge into that spot in the lane to the right so they can pass you because you're going too slow. Both of them. (Uncle Davy was right. "Don't use your turn signal. That just gives them warning of your intentions." Geggy Tah was right too.)
If you can't pass, tailgate.
Road signs in LA give you almost enough time to read them so you know what road you just went onto.
No one honks. Ever.
If you're going up a mountain, you're either in the truck lane and trucks are passing you or getting in your way, or you're in the car lane and the maniacs who have the engines to exceed the speed limit are passing you.
If you try to dodge out of the way of the maniac exceeding the speed limit up the mountain, you'll wind up right in front of the truck who then goes into the lane you just deserted to pass you.
It would be entertaining to watch three trucks try to pass each other going uphill, if it weren't so scary with all the swerving and they-might-crush-me.
My friends who have driven in the DC area will be amused by how laid-back LA drivers are.

In my first 48 hours of California driving, I learned:

Don't try to read the road signs in the dark, since half the letters have lost their reflective coating.
No matter how scary going up the mountain is, coming down the mountain in the dark is worse.
People don't pass you so much if you get out of their way in time.
It is possible to fit your car into that space on the freeway. Really.
Roads in SF are a little better than the ones in LA, but not much.
I'm glad I was taught to drive by an LA driver.

In my first 72 hours of California driving, I learned:

Yes, I can fit my car into that space on the freeway, with room to spare.
That driver needs to get the fuck back in the slow lane.
Mountains really aren't that bad if you're in the correct lane, and don't try to dodge the idiots.
That truck needs to get back in the truck lane, though.
On roads that bad, you don't really *want* to brake, so passing is far preferable.

...if I stay here long enough, I'll become a California driver myself.
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"Draw a cat!"

I was obsessed with cats when I was younger, so this meme particularly amused me.

1. Open Paint or the Mac equivalent.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Draw a cat.

I seem to have completely shifted scale. There's no room for the body, and the bottom half is much longer than the top half, and there's no tail. I did manage to not accidentally turn on the eraser, however. Small favors!
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22 tweets for 2008-12-15

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  • Monday, 0215: SHOES ahahahaahah.
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