December 28th, 2008

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My cousin has just discovered that the word 'cluster', applied appropriately, makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Also, the cheese board is not to be used as a Spanky! Spanky! paddle for the dog.
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40 tweets for 2008-12-28

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  • Sunday, 0000: @skramer Good grilled cheese is unarguably a good thing.
  • Sunday, 0001: @ataniell93 All the recs are quite a bit so I'll have re-reading fodder for later! Also, my uncle thinks I could start a porn rec site.
  • Sunday, 0002: @SirGimpOfBaath I may or may not have read the manga (I think may) but I have the anime, which used to be really hard to find.
  • Sunday, 0003: Tyler and the Narrator look at Christmas trees:
  • Sunday, 0025: oh hay, a small collection of Flight of the Conchords fic:
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