December 30th, 2008

golden gate bridge, san francisco

Whole lot of nothing

Yesterday was a whole lot of not so much. My aunt and I were planning to go to, but the parking situation looked dire enough that it seemed that everyone was there. (There was a great moment involving a bike-car and them passing another bike-car right in front of us; that got thumbs-up from us.) So we resolved to go another day. I was feeling mildly miserable due to not quite enough sleep, and the beginnings of a cold. We did stop in at the library, and I checked out some Thursday Next books, and proceeded to read them all afternoon.

Today may involve a raid on a 90% off sale, because my aunt needs pants and towels. Ph34r.

Things that could go very wrong:

My cousin and I are toying with the idea of making bacon ice cream. Possible limiting factors include:

My aunt will not be all about that
There is no ice-cream maker
There is not much room in the freezer
The original recipe my cousin was thinking of has vanished from the forum it was in
I have never made ice cream before as one of the cooks

However, there is bacon, we have recipes, and we are resourceful.

If bacon ice cream happens, there will be pictures, and since I suspect tupshin would take a dim view of these things happening in his jurisdiction without sharing in the bounties, we'd have to save some and schedule a visit to LJ Central.
LJ fudge

New Year

Local people (SF area): I currently haven't any firm New Year's plans.
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