January 1st, 2009

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Browser Takes a Walk

Author: azurelunatic
Title: Browser Takes a Walk
Fandom: Original universe: Lovie's corner of the Cracked Phoenix universe, pre-anything; all rights are belong to me.
Rating: Strong language
Length: 2645 words
Summary: Lovie takes her college roommate Becca's dog Browser for a walk.
Notes: I wrote this for a (belated) Christmas gift for my aunt. I finished it up just now. Cocoa butter lacks caffeine and theobromine, which are the parts of chocolate toxic to dogs.

Browser Takes a Walk

My dingbat roommate Becca managed to break her ankle, so I was stuck walking Browser for the duration. Browser is my roommate's dog, a giant black lab. Do not ask me how we manage to keep a dog in the dorm, because I am not entirely sure. The dog is named Browser because she will cheerfully get into very bad things, cause problems with your computer, completely trash your computer, and pick up viruses. My roommate loves her. My roommate is also possibly certifiably insane.

So there I was stuck walking the dog. Becca's alarm went off the first morning, before the crack of dawn as always. I rolled over and was going to go back to sleep, as always, Collapse )
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