January 5th, 2009

huge fuck-up


So my aunt's been trying to teach this shelter dog, Spence, some manners. See, she has this internship thing going on, and part of the internship is to train a dog, and include a before and after video. Her first dog, the Snowball from Hell, was a great trainee dog and took well to the training. However, her video skillz were not up to muster (the tape ran out on the camera) and she had to re-do. Thus, Spence.

When she brought Spence home for the evening a few days ago, raranax promptly dubbed him Shpanky.

The existing dogs do not get on with him so well. He's much improved: he used to jump up on people, barge through doors, nip, leap on furniture, and a host of other obnoxious little behaviors. Now, he merely does up-skirt nosing, tries to hump the poodle (my uncle says that the poodle only lets Deacon hump him because Deacon licks his dick first, and there is some merit to this observation), nips occasionally, stands on his hind legs but doesn't put his paws on people, sometimes puts his feet up on things, and sometimes takes a while to sit before going through a door.

(not) behaving (not) behaving
Shpanky the shelter dog outside
Bitey Shpanky. Bitey Shpanky.
The poodle puts up with a lot.

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The eventual solution to today's TomTom problem

I contacted technical support regarding my attempt to install TomTom HOME, when the installation program would not open after download. The reference number for this conversation is []. I was told that this was due to my having downloaded the file over a wireless network connection and the file had become corrupted or had pieces missing, and I should try downloading it on a wired network connection.
I doubted this answer.

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After installing Service Pack 3 and .NET Framework 2.0, the identical file that had not opened previously did in fact open and successfully installed TomTom HOME.

Please make your tier 1 technical support representatives aware that this error can in some cases be resolved by ensuring that SP3 and .NET Framework 2.0 are installed.

Many thanks to sithjawa for helping and suggesting the solution that actually worked. ♥
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I have some *big fucking hugs* for some of youse guys. You probably know who you are.
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