January 6th, 2009

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Support means just that.

So 13 people are known to have lost their jobs with the US-based branch of LiveJournal.com, with a week's notice and no severance package beyond accumulated time off. The Valley Wag has done its usual level of careful fact-checking (this is where the audience laughs knowingly) before publishing.

It sucks to lose a job. It sucks to lose a job in this economy.

LiveJournal has been more than just a job, from what I can tell. Speaking from my experience in Support, and my experience with LJ as a whole, it is many tight-knit groups of communities. We are protective of our own. Tonight the pieces of Support who are awake and feel like talking have gathered in IRC to discuss and just be there, be present, even though there is so little we can actually do.

We don't know what's going to happen next. We don't know what SUP will do with or to LJ. We can only speculate and worry and hope. But most of all we're here together because this is what we do. When the shit goes down, we come to each other.
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  • Tuesday, 0019: Fuck. FUCK fuck fuck fuck FUCK goddamn STUPID decision process with SO MUCH WRONG fuck. fuck fuck fuck. Not sure what jdn will say but FUCK.
  • Tuesday, 0023: http://tinyurl.com/8927d9 So they have their numbers wrong. but. fuck. fuck fuck fuck.
  • Tuesday, 0056: DW now plowing full speed ahead: http://xb95.livejournal.com/635394.html
  • Tuesday, 0142: My volunteers, my darlings: general huddle-together-for-protection is ongoing in IRC, particularly in #dw
  • Tuesday, 0228: I have a splitting headache. Probable causes: not enough water, up too late, and crying.
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