January 10th, 2009

running, bomb tech


guys, I am sick. Not keeping stuff down. may not be able to attend party. :(
running, bomb tech

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  • Saturday, 0008: @ataniell93 I appear to not be getting notified when new AIM is coming in, though Gmail is faithfully logging. I'll reload maybe.
  • Saturday, 0013: @ataniell93 Try now. My laptop is getting old & cranky, my aunt's internet is kind of scary, and I have AIM routed through Gmail chat.
  • Saturday, 0014: @ataniell93 This combination leads to many possible points of failure.
  • Saturday, 0026: @gameboyguy13 I may have to look into that when I'm conscious. Now that the laundry is in the wash I'm fading. Get your ass in bed bro.
  • Saturday, 0030: Emo Azz misses the late-night conversations with best friend, both in bed and half-asleep on the phone.
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