January 20th, 2009

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All the booze in the world

All the booze in the world
All the booze in the world
Peppermint schnapps, two bottles of almond amaretto, homemade apricot cordial, triple sec, homemade cherry cordial, Bailey's, cacao liqueur, buttershots (2), lime and grenadine, vanilla schnapps, rice wine (cooking), blackberry manichewitz, cranberry mix, coffee liqueur, vodka, plum wine, some random wine JD likes, rum, and tequila.

This is what I brought to the inauguration party. We won't drink all of it, but the three bottles sideways there were JD's, and I didn't feel like unpacking the box. Funtimes for all!

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  • Tuesday, 0029: We had takeout dim sum for lunch today, and that was good. Mmmredbeanpaste <3
  • Tuesday, 0857: I'm watching this on streaming video. <3 <3 <3
  • Tuesday, 0859: All-star musical lineup!
  • Tuesday, 0903: rahmbamarama brought down their cluster I think!
  • Tuesday, 0906: crying and laughing all at once.
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