January 25th, 2009

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What I Do in Suggestions, a primer

This is cleaned up a little and elaborated upon some from an IRC discussion of what I do in Suggestions. Support, feel free to ask plenty of questions. This is, er, long.

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What Other People Can Do To Help

Participate! suggestions doesn't generally need too much help getting people involved and engaged, but if you see a lonely-looking suggestion that has no comments, see if there's something you can say about it, whether it's supportive or constructively critical.

Check for implementation! If something has since been implemented and you happen to see it, point that out, including pointing out the FAQ(s) explaining how to use the kickass change, which will prompt me to update the status.

View suggestions in their best possible light. Many suggestions are awesome to start with and need no extra help. Some suggestions need a lot of refining before they would be able to be considered. Rather than responding with an immediate 'no', consider the underlying need that the suggestion demonstrates. Consider the circumstances under which you would be willing to have the suggestion around. Consider whether you would mind having the suggestion implemented if developer time were not a finite resource.

Address the concept, not the person bringing it up, if it's something you don't like. If you know you have a poor history with a particular other commenter, avoid engaging with them if you can.

If you can write the code to make something happen, that would be pretty nifty. That was one of the things that made suggestions great in the old days. It still has to be reviewed, and may not be adopted, but there may well be a better chance if the code's already done.

If you see a tag that should exist, or a tag that does exist that isn't on a particular post but should be, let me know.

For people with Jira access, if there's something that should be in Jira and is, commenting with the bug number would be Helpful. If it should be in there and isn't, if you can add it, commenting with the bug number would be Helpful. (You may also find it useful to cross-link the suggestion from the Jira entry, so when it's implemented it'll be easier to track down the suggestion to mark it implemented.)
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34 tweets for 2009-1-25

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0017: things sent to Random Word hEll: X wrapped in duct tape and chains, stapled to the ceiling, wearing a ballet tutu and carrying a fairy wand!
  • Sunday, 0204: dizzyfaced tired, but I got the documentation of What I Do down, at least the basics. The tech refinement is a document in itself.
  • Sunday, 0923: Poor @stephenfry got read RPS of himself: http://twitter.com/stephenfry/status/1146491354
  • Sunday, 0952: "Poodle, stop humping" count for the day: 1 (aunt's friend to whom she brought lasagna returning the pan)
  • Sunday, 1127: My uncle thinks I should be getting $30/hour more than I'm asking for home PC consulting. :D (This is o hai I've been a mac user consulting)
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