January 26th, 2009

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To-do (some today, some later)

  • Visit Bank #1
  • Call Bank #2
  • pay cellphone bill
  • suggestions queue
  • read friendslist
  • read twitter friendslist
  • get non-suggestions stuff in inbox done
  • Download Friendly Computer Consultant Tools onto USB key
  • Go over next door at 4:30 for my consulting thing
  • E-mail Guide Dog Aunt with the peanut butter recall information
  • put plastic in the recycling
  • Hone CV more

Also, discover bug in the RTE when trying to use it to compose an unordered list quickly and easily, and have to spend a good 20 minutes investigating and writing it up. (done)
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Not touching that one with a 39-and-a-half-foot pole!

For the usual reasons, the best friend and I were discussing him being a cantankerous bastard (which he is) on Friday evening. He had intended to say that he was going to get "the Grinch song", to continue the discussion. Unfortunately, he lisped.

It is very likely that there will be either an actual pair of red-with-white-fur-trimming butt floss in his future, or at least a lot of jokes about this particular item.

I didn't even hear it. I knew what he'd meant to say, but then he started backpedaling. I was confused. He asked me what I'd heard. He explained what he said. I proceeded to tease him. It's so very nice that he allows me these opportunities.
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    "You're A Mean One, Mister Grinch!" (in my head)
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22 tweets for 2009-1-26

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  • Monday, 0122: How am I so late? It is sleep and there is IRC but we will have IRC in the morning and no one sets my comm on fire and I cannot spell?
  • Monday, 0918: @richardhenry It may just be the observer effect, as people notice that their favorite words are doing poorly and exert themselves.
  • Monday, 0919: @mayerman It certainly is why you should not. Also a reason to have sugar in a little decorative jar. Mmm, coffee.
  • Monday, 1027: @hmtasks c In my "good damn writing" gmail tag, take the "you are not a dev so stop beating yourself" comment and make an essay.
  • Monday, 1109: Suggestions from my aunt for endearments to Shuttleslayer: honeychild, lambkins, pumpkin (oh god)
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