February 12th, 2009

bad words, offices are why

So, I've taken up politics as fandom... (Language behind cut not suitable for most audiences.)

Since US politics are cracked-out, and I only get myself in trouble and bring people who can't stand to see Someone Wrong On The Internet down on my head when I dare to venture any semi-serious political opinions in any sort of public space, I've wound up in politics-as-fandom. This is where people of a particular political orientation get together, put aside any pretense of being serious, and share the political-figure-related squee and leave the serious stuff for elsewhere. (In my case, "elsewhere" is usually "in the privacy of my own head" with an occasional exception for #politics.)

So I've joined rahmbamarama. It offers crackfic (if RPF bothers you, just pretend it's West Wing fanfic), the concept that Anderson Cooper is a (Valdemaran-style) Companion (look at that white hair and those blue blue eyes), and the sort of giddy love for Rahm Emanuel that you might get if Rahm were secretly a cleaned-up Severus Snape on Perkium (I'd like to thank the Academy...).

A spin-off from rahmbamarama (and actually the reason for this post) is re_cma: Rahm Emanuel's Colorful Metaphor Academy. Now, I use language my mother would not approve of, and sometimes I even use it in public. I look to jdn as a cursing mentor. As part of my applicationfor re_cma, I had to demonstrate my current cursing abilities. The other night's struggles with Java were an inspiration.

As a rule, I moderate my language in my journal here. I know plenty of words that I don't often use. There's usually no call for me to use them. In the application, however, I stretched a little for the sake of demonstrating what I could write if I chose to, and thus I felt it deserves a warning in the re-post. Foul language, I do not own one of those, I know neither the programmers in question nor their mothers, and I wasn't actually that annoyed with the programmers. Best programming practices are always in order, though.

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