March 8th, 2009

California girl, poppies

Yay, moving!

Got off to a late start as I wasn't sure whether my procrastination had screwed absolutely everything up this time. (I put off calling the renters insurance place until late, and the guy said on Friday that the policy had been switched over, but I should call back tomorrow to get the number over the phone. Tomorrow. Ha. "Tomorrow" was Saturday, on which they were not open, as I discovered early Saturday morning when I tried calling. I'd gotten the PG&E account OK, I'd arranged for an ISP, but ... argh.) Thankfully, it hadn't screwed everything up, so long as I could get stuff in on Monday.

I had been dipping strawberries when the apartment complex called back. My aunt took over dipping strawberries and I zipped off to the bank. I started in on the paperwork while my aunt got cleaned up. I got some plotting for Book 1 done, excellent news. The dude in the office advised me that the spot that was assigned to me had been previously temporarily assigned to someone else.

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