March 16th, 2009

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LJ Dinner!

JD had booked a party of 14 for 7:30 at Ramblas Tapas in the Mission on Wednesday. Collapse )

Owing to the nature of a tapas restaurant, we conspired over food choices (and started out with a pitcher of sangria). Two sips later, I was tipsy, and challenged gorman's assertion that chasethestars was the most sensitive to alcohol at the table.

Around the table, we had, starting from me in the back corner: me, Gorman's girlfriend, gorman, arie, snarkbite, coffeechica, Nicole (iseebi?), jproulx, mcpatti, (eventually chasethestars), ferrell, jai_dit, teshiron, and then me again: 13 in total. Aside from JD, who I have known in person since 2006, and teshiron, who I met when he flew in, this was my first time meeting this group in person. When coffeechica came in from the smoking crowd, she and I had to hug each other and jump up and down and squee a bit. She has been bossing me around for years! ^_^

We ordered. We started off with the bread and the very tasty dipping sauce. The third table did not get a plate at first, and we declared that no one thought of the Early Adopters, to much hilarity. (It arrived, and the Early Adopters were appeased amidst much vinegar-and-oil-and-pepper and nice chewy bread.) There was gossip and shop talk. There is always gossip and shop talk.

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Eventually the party broke up. A contingent went to a bar for dancing. Most of the out-of-town contingent hopped a taxi for their hotel. I headed back for BART. It was still relatively early, but late enough that I had the car essentially to myself for the last segment of the trip. I considered dancing on the train, just for fun. I did do a few twirls, hanging on to the overhead bars, but my knees were a little too upset, and I started to feel a little foolish, so I didn't do too much of that. I did twirl out of the train when it hit my stop, and giggled all the way back home.

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Five more things!

armaina associates Blue, Chocolate-covered espresso beans, Trout, LJ, and California with me.

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As always with these, if I know you, you've just to ask and I'll come up with five things I associate with you. If I don't know you, I may amuse myself by picking five arbitrary things (or not).
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