March 27th, 2009

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Dicks with wings, and other SPN-related bits

In episode 4.15, Dean states that most of the angels he's met have been "dicks with wings", and I have been giggling all over myself at that mental image. See, some time ago, trickofthedark was experimenting with metal clay, and made some rather lovely flying penis beads. So I've been visualizing that necklace in connection with that description.

I'm afraid that ever after, I will keep describing angels in this way.

I have some rather notable problems with recognizing faces, and putting names to faces. Without getting into serious spoilers, last night's SPN starts out with someone familiar in very unfamiliar clothes and surroundings. I literally did not recognize him until he sat down in the car. In the car, I recognized him (familiar territory) and did a double-take.

Despite having been watching SPN for -- how many months now? -- I am still not able to put a name to Sam or Dean based on looking at the character's face. I did figure out a mnemonic that I've been using to remember which is which: Dean is first in the alphabet, and has short hair. Sam is further down in the alphabet, and has longer hair. This is going to fuck up on me if the boys get haircuts.

SPN night tonight was also attended by damned_colonial. There was chatter in #dw on Wednesday night about meeting up with other Dreamwidth people when geographically convenient, and damned_colonial mentioned that actually she'd a local fan friend that she ought to hang out with. In one of those amazing sweeps of coincidence, this just so happened to be the regular SPN Thursday. :D Good fun was had by all, and there was assorted giggling when there was some plug for something softcore-porn in the middle of Sense and Sensibility. (When you share a file, you make sure that it's what you thought you got. Evidently the shared file was recorded from something with advertisements. This was ... unnerving ... to have what purported to be S&S opened and to hear moaning and heavy breathing. But it was the right thing after all, just ... interrupted.)

SPN > American Idol.

Personal Dreamwidth milestone

I achieved a personal Dreamwidth milestone tonight: first meeting in person of someone that I'd met primarily through the Dreamwidth project.

Hilariously, it could easily have not gone this way. Had damned_colonial not mentioned that actually she was going to get together with local people in IRC last night, I would have met her and perhaps been none the wiser that she was interested in Dreamwidth and indeed had been one of the people I'd been chattering away with. However, she did! So that counts as a met-via-Dreamwidth, not a met-via-friend and then coincidentally turned out to be Dreamwidth.

Unrelated to the milestone, I still want a "nibbled to death by cats" thing, in a particular style, with duck prints. I can almost see it in my head.
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