April 26th, 2009

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"The Magic Hamster has run out of magic", from IRC, in a fictional place that is not quite here:

(Borrowing the extra context from farrow_marshall: So everyone needed to blow off a bit of steam, and somehow this meant that it was time for a crossover, between That Nice Mr. Balim and #dw and the Cracked Phoenix universe (which doesn't matter much in this fic; just, Nick is a demon who has a casual friendship with Mr. Balim, and doesn't mind that Mr. Balim might have a few skeletons in his proverbial sarcophagus closet).)

Title: The Magic Hamster has run out of magic.
Author: azurelunatic
Fandom: An AU of the Broken Wings AU of SG-1, the one that crosses over with the Cracked Phoenix universe and also crosses over with #dw. The Broken Wings AU belongs to synecdochic and ivorygates; and whoever owns SG-1 owns SG-1. #dw belongs to mark and denise. nagios is an instance of nagios, and this instance's notification text was entered by someone on crack. Cracked Phoenix, and therefore Nick, belong to me. INGVA belongs to THE WILD PLACES.
Word Count: ~400
Warnings: On. Crack. IRC. INGVA.
Author's Note: This is possibly only going to make sense to me, synecdochic, and rb. It ... may not even make sense to all of us. Thanks to synecdochic for correcting the IRC name that Mr. Balim was likely to show up as, and to ravenblack.net's surreality generator, and to #dw for telling me how much crack I was on.

Dramatis Personae:
nagios: a Bot
Nick: Himself.
Kevin Balim: A businessman in Seattle.

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