May 1st, 2009

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Similarities and Differences between LiveJournal and Dreamwidth (that I have noticed so far)

So. LiveJournal. Dreamwidth. One of the things that's been striking me, looking around, is how some people are saying that LiveJournal and Dreamwidth are essentially the same, and other people are talking about how different they are. And from an essential functional perspective, they're both social media blogging/aggregation services going in different forks off the same original codebase, and share some of the same main features. Down in the details, though, if you're someone who cares about details and cares about them passionately, there are differences. Which service will suit you? Will both suit you? Will you ultimately just want to grab a copy of someone's working install code and run off to your own server? Only time will tell.

A list of things (largely technical features) that are being done differently (note: there are many things on that list that aren't covered in my run-down; go check it out if you haven't already.)

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