May 16th, 2009

JD sleep

A graduated JD!

Went to JD's graduation. Got ass amount of sleep, prior, but this was too important to miss. Made a morning checklist, without which I would not have got out the door in time. Drove to Stockton. Showed up at JD's front door, met his uncle, socialized, got a quick briefing, and before I realized, his parents and siblings were there, and I jumped in the van without the book I'd planned to bring. Ooops!

We got one of the last approximately 4 parking spots in the close parking lot. Score! I texted back and forth with JD, announcing our arrival and the lack of any explosion, and geeked out a bit with JD's dad, who is a technical writer and a competent end-user and baby-coder. I got a bit of the third degree. I notified JD that we were there safely by text message; we continued intermittent texting throughout the proceedings (but not the parts where he had to look attentive).

The students marched in. We searched for JD, who is most recognizable at a distance by his (currently pink) hair. A graduation cap does not lead to easy viewing of pink hair. One very blonde student had put holographic glitter sparkles on the top of her cap. We finally located JD, just as (in the unaccustomed shoes that looked like sneakers from where we were sitting but he swore up and down afterward were actually dress shoes) he tripped over something, possibly the air. :-P I had, alas, forgotten my camera.

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