May 29th, 2009

running, bomb tech

A horrible hack

[15:24] rahaeli: go to the notifications page
[15:24] rahaeli: uncheck both "comments in my journal" and "replies to my comments"
[15:24] rahaeli: save
[15:24] rahaeli: check ONLY "replies to my comments"
[15:24] rahaeli: save
[15:24] rahaeli: both will then be checked
[15:25] rahaeli: but you should only get replies in email
[15:25] LivredOr: no, rah, I'm talking about LJ, not DW
[15:25] rahaeli: you'll have to do that every time you change a notification, but it should work on LJ too
[15:25] LivredOr: seriously? there's a fix for it?
[15:25] LivredOr: omg I love you even more than I already do for creating DW
[15:26] rahaeli: well, it's not so much a fix as a horrible hack
[15:26] rahaeli: but :)
lonely, spock

IRC silliness

[11:53] * owl is still looking for icon
[11:53] Azz: carry on
[11:53] owl: searching for Spock on my computer is a pointless exercise y/n?
[11:54] Azz: you need a kirk for that
[11:54] owl: nodnod
[11:55] owl: perhaps my spock icon is inside a mccoy icon!
[11:55] Azz: perhaps!

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