June 8th, 2009


More IRC fun from a while ago

[23:55] Azz: Like Shatner!Kirk, he is never going to stop *trying*, but he's not going to step it up a notch; he's going to keep it at easily deflected passes.
[23:56] niq: ha. yes. Actually, a fun thing to consider is how horrifying kirk would be if he were to attempt to be a SNAG.
[23:57] JD: a snag?
[23:57] niq: Sensitive New Age Guy
[23:57] durandal: sna.,.... Yeah, what jd said
[23:57] JD: never heard of it. or rather, i think i may have briefly but i'm not sure whatall it entails
[23:57] durandal: niq: that would fail almost as badly as translation
[23:58] niq: sensitive new age guy believes he is Enlightened as to how Hard It Is To Be A Woman and tends to then go on to tromp on chivalry issues.
[00:00] niq: i live in hope that someday D will write more bits of the Sentinel genderfuck story because watching Jim-in-a-woman's-body call Blair on his SNAG issues is awesome
[00:01] phoenix: how long ago was rah writing that?
[00:01] niq: ...ages ago? she never was writing it properly, I don't think, just a few snippets.
[00:01] niq: (also girl!Jim is hot. my shallow, let me show you it.)
[00:01] Azz: I was raised on The Procrustean Petard
[00:01] niq: http://synecdochic.dreamwidth.org/tag/sentinel
[00:01] * Azz clings to niq in shallow
[00:02] Azz: (headed to the smut pool, shallow end, brb)

(Oh, it's such fun to have people like this around.)

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