June 13th, 2009

running, bomb tech

I woke up somewhere after the part where there might have been a shopping cart in the bay.

Weird-ass dreams.

I dreamed we (for certain old-family-type values of 'we'; the Virtual Aunt and so forth) were living on the side of a particular hill (the one that Dad's obnoxious friend and Mama's old best friend lived on) but the valley was a bay instead of a valley. And my best friend was trying out for some jobs, and was taking a bath, and I had been taking a different bath or something when his mother showed up? And I was talking to his mother, and talking to him, and it was interesting and no little weird. And bath salts or bath bubbles and big bath towels. We were trying to avoid the seeing-each-other-naked part.

And part of the place on the lower end of the hill was a gas station with a bunch of pumps and a concrete pad, but it was mostly or entirely used for family purposes, though others could buy -- it was just so out of the way that no one came there.

Then there was an earthquake or something, a small localized one, and some of the power poles had catastrophic failure, and they fell down and there was some fire. However, we still had some light for some reason; clearly they were not directly affecting us (or there were solar panels) but the road out was very definitely blocked.

In the bay, there were whales, and the whales were talking and there were hippos and the whales were playing with the baby hippos and you could watch what was going on through the clear clear water, and I was trying to remember so I could write it down because it was important observations, and there were loud and slightly drunken guys commenting and they were distracting.

There were also earlier parts of the dream involving my elementary school, its gym (which was being used as its secondary purpose, just a big room, at that time) and people who seemed at the time as if they should be important.
running, bomb tech

Bed spam.

[18:42] * V_PauAmma_V should probably go spam his bed.
[18:43] legojen: :D
[18:44] Azz: Click here! 600ct free! Hot new pillows! enh4nc3 ur 5pr1ng5!
[18:45] * edgeraven snickers.
[18:45] legojen: more spring for your bling
[18:45] Azz: ARE U SOFT ENUF??
[18:46] legojen: spring her across the room!
[18:48] exor674: I think the weirdest penii=spam I got was something about having a penis as big as holmes or something
[18:48] legojen: o_O
[18:48] Azz: John Holmes?
[18:48] legojen: the SHOOT HER ACROSS THE ROOM TONIGHT ones are the ones I remember from xx_spam the most :)
[18:48] exor674: Azz: no idea. it just said holmes
[18:49] exor674: but I parsed that spam literally, as in "as big as <person>" not "as big as (the penis of) <person>"
[18:49] Azz: probably John Holmes, rather than Sherlock http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Holmes_(actor) (uh, guess what he acted in)
[18:53] * edgeraven hms.
[18:55] * V_PauAmma_V didn't need the image of a penis with a deerstalker hat.

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