June 18th, 2009

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Most-visited pages, a meme:

Many modern browsers will tell you where you've been the most. I took a look at my numbers after this started going around my friendslist (mostly in Support). I now share with you my findings. (I have become attached to "findings" as a word since the allsorts incident.)

Firefox, being a good little browser but neither telepathic nor human, has several variants of the same site in my top visited list. I have therefore combined entries to get a better picture of what I do.

gmail 4241+ 1456 + 648 +351 + 222 + 212

This is my number one email. I switched to gmail from yahoo some years ago when yahoo was throwing a shitfit and had classified LJ's comment notifications as spam (yet again). I have been very happy with it, and while I would like it to also stand on its head and do tricks, I am very attached to it.

LJ talkpost_do.bml 1992

Visiting this page directly will, of course, give you an error, but it's the page that one sees after making a comment from the reply page, before bouncing you back to whatever comment/thread view. This does not include comments made in the quickreply.

DW talkpost_do.bml 1147

I've been chatty on Dreamwidth, too.

LJ friends 866 + 236 + 159 + 120 + 96 + 72

This includes ?skip=20, 40, 60, 80, and 100. Y'all are a chatty lot. And unlike certain Mr. He Went Thattaways that I could mention, I read my friends page.

DW read 351 + 103 + 74

I also read people on Dreamwidth.

Twitter 266 + 225

Uh, yeah, I've been on Twitter a lot. This does not include, by the way, twitter clients like Twitterfox and Tweetdeck, both of which I use. I added Tweetdeck so I could sort out the folks I'm following because I know you from news and entertainment types of things that I'm following. The switch was incredibly timely given the recent election in Iran and associated events.

My LJ 249

Perhaps it's narcissistic to read myself, but hey, I do. Plus it refreshes my memory about what the hell I've been up to.

LJ edittags.bml 216

I can pin this one directly on suggestions. I am a tagging fool.

My DW 170

Again, slightly narcissistic, but I'm a writer. That's sometimes what we do.

Suggestions 120

Hooray Suggestions! <3 This would be more, except I do have the habit of doing suggestions.livejournal.com knowing that it'll redirect rather than going to community.livejournal.com/suggestions.

My Twitter 104

Again with the narcissistic, but more with the "wait, when did I write that?" and also with the "wait, who was I talking to and what did they say?" and occasionally with the "wait, what day did the Chocolate Penis Incident start?"

Google calendar

There's a Google calendar that I update about my sleeping patterns. It's actually quite useful. My sleeping patterns also suck. Today, I did manage to conk out properly and thoroughly, despite the fact that there was random but sustained pounding going on near me, on one or more of three possible surfaces connected to my apartment: the ceiling of the garage below me (my floor), the wall of the neighboring apartment (my wall), and the floor of the upstairs apartment (my ceiling). Unfortunately, it was at a very inconvenient time of day, and I missed the demonstration that I had been planning to attend, to my regret.

DW update.bml

I chatter a lot.

Suggestions community moderation

I love Suggestions. Suggestions has some of the most interesting content on LiveJournal. It ranges from technical brilliance to utter technical naiveté. That's just the ones that make it through the moderation process. Many suggestions do make it through; it's just that for every suggestion that makes it through, there's at least one that doesn't belong there at all, has been suggested before, or is someone who got lost on their way to the support department. This means that I hit the moderation queue a lot.

DW spamreports.bml

I am a co-leader of Dreamwidth's anti-spam team. (On LJ, Abuse handles spam too, in a large part since LJ gets bot accounts spamming in addition to anonymous comment spam.) This means I hit the spam reports.

LJ Advisory Board Elections

Nominations are going on. So far there is one person who has hit the required 300 comments to be let into the election. No prizes for guessing. There's one other person who's close, and some of my assorted friends are in support of them.

Even though I don't have a lot of personal investment in the outcome of the elections, unlike last year, when I hoped that the representative would be allowed to make a difference, I'd still like this to not be a one-player race.


Nominations close Friday.

This is just the nominations round -- you may support as many people as you'd like.
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Weird moments in child-rearing: normal childhood recreational multiplicity (the imaginary friend)

Backstory for the new kids: Collapse )

Second portion of backstory for the new kids: From 2001 to 2005, I lived with a college friend and her small son (known as the Little Fayoumis). For many of those years, I shared child-rearing responsibilities, having approximately the authority of an aunt. A strict aunt. This was his ages four to eight.

Inevitably, the LF started making reference to an imaginary friend. That was all well and good, until he started misbehaving and blaming it on his imaginary friend.

I was about to take him to task for just that, doing stuff and blaming it on his imaginary friend, when I ran smack into a contradiction in my chain of logic. How could I be internally consistent if I had multiple personalities myself while scolding the LF for doing something himself and blaming it on his imaginary friend when he might either merely have an imaginary friend or he might have an additional self-facet or other form of multiple inside his head? I had no way of knowing for sure without having way too deep and possibly leading of a conversation with him, and in any case I was presenting myself to him with once face only (no matter which facet was operating at the time). I was fairly convinced that he just had an imaginary friend who was the product of a lively imagination, but I couldn't be an ethical multiple myself without considering the possibility.

I had to sit down with myself and think about it for a while before I came up with a solution that I found acceptable. In the end, I couldn't fault him for having and talking about an imaginary friend, whether it was solely an imaginary friend or something more integral to his own identity. That was not the problem. The problem was that no matter whose idea it was, he was physically carrying out actions that he had been instructed not to do.

So that's what I addressed. I can't remember the details of how I did it, but I made it pretty clear that when anyone told the LF to not do something, or that he must do something, that any and all of his invisible friends were included in that directive. Furthermore, as the party in charge of body operation, the LF was responsible for making sure that nothing was done that was not supposed to be done, by anybody; if he failed to keep his friends in check and they did something that he wasn't supposed to do, they would all be in the time-out together.

Things worked out after that.
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(all we wanna do is eat your brains)

I have the most interesting dreams when I get woken up in the middle of them. The dream was picaresque fragments that don't even make much sense when stitched together.

So there I was at some institution of higher learning or other, wandering around the grounds and going to classes and helping the security staff set up for events by applying the decals to be signs by doors with disclaimers about stuff. And all was going well. And I saw Savil and we caught up on stuff. And I was having trouble with the tilt on some of the paths, and I asked for help (and saw Figment) and the person I'd been walking with who I thought was going to help me said to wait and he'd get the expert, and ran and got Figment, who explained that I had to do some technique, which I thought I'd had to do, but he was telling me as if I didn't know, even though I'd figured it out already. And the place I was going was class, and there was some interesting role-playing stuff going on, where we were pretending to be cowboys to get into character for how much studying we were doing. And one of the guys was talking, and he had something pressed on his knife in some weird material, and the hinged blade wouldn't bend (it was like a pocket knife with an extra joint sort of like a bird's wing, and you could see a vague outline of bird's muscles on it). Whatever the role-playing was, we were doing some exercise where we went around and stepped through gaps in the shelves of a long library bookshelf in the classroom.

At some point in this, class was about to be dismissed or something, but we were still working with this powdered-small-chunks material obtained from some portion of the knife? and there were papers that were dipped in it, rolled-up papers, and the substance looked sort of like slightly crushed sea salt. It turned out that the guy with the knife was a zombie of some sort, and that was his zombie salt (there may have been a better word for it) and it was a way of controlling things. And things were actually getting weird, and the professor was not looking too stable, so I grabbed up the small container of zombie salt (it was in a mortar for being-crushed-easily purposes) and babbled something that sounded sensible but that observer-me knew made no sense, about a zombie suffering from depression, and how if a zombie's zombie salt is used to treat papers regularly so that the zombie feels useful, this may be effective in treating Seasonal Zombie Depression. And with that babble firmly going on, I swept the professor and the zombie with me (I was more worried about the professor than the zombie, as the zombie seemed to be more in control of himself) in the direction of someone who was presumably better-educated in the ways of controlling a rogue professor who has access to six-shooters that shoot Florida Presidential Coins and zombies and doesn't know he's a rogue.

I wasn't me, but the zombie sure was SKULLBUTT THE TORMENTOR.

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