June 28th, 2009

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Nattering; this one isn't ready for Suggestions yet. Community-specific profiles for users.

So the user has a profile, and the comm has a profile, and this is a completely out of left field and wild idea that is technically a bit unlikely, so bear with me.

You can see the comms that the user is a member of on the profile. (Mostly.) You can see the users that a comm is a member of. Sometimes a user has specialty interests and bio that they want to show to other comm members but don't necessarily think is worth/for public consumption of their regular profile.

Like, where I intersect with Vorkosigan comms, I want to list that I was a member of the List since 1997 or thereabouts, maybe 1996, and that I sorta drifted away but I'm still reading and happy and alive and all. And all sorts of fannish details that aren't relevant to the main part of my life as expressed on LJ.

It would be so damn nifty (and such a fucking pain for the user to keep updated, and such a fucking technical pain probably) to be able to enter a separate bio and interests for each place I intersect a community.

I don't know if I would want the bio/interests visible to non-members (and here we run into security issues, because if it's an open comm, well...) (but then some open comms ask for member introductions, and yes you have to search for them but) but again you could do the link-to-locked-entry (or in this case members-only entry) dodge if it's public.

And it would be simply ace to be able to do interests searches and search from the interests of either/both the general public, and the community-specific interests of people in the same communities as you. You already have at least one point of contact.

OK, people, tear it to shreds. I want it plausible.
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I haven't read anywhere near all of the posts on the latest round of warnings discussion, not even all the ones appearing on my own various friends/reading lists.


When I am posting content in my own space, it is my responsibility to determine what content I will and will not post, and in what manner, and why. In this, I am subject to the restrictions that my upstream providers put upon me, including: hosting provider, connection provider, laws of my home and my host's home, and my personal ethical and/or religious convictions. It is my responsibility to be aware of the law, my hosting and connection providers' rules, and my own personal restrictions.

If I am posting content in someone else's space, it is my responsibility to be aware of what restrictions exist, and either abide by them, refrain from posting there, or work to change the restrictions if I feel they are not appropriate.


These are some (although hardly all) of the personal restrictions that I subscribe to.

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