July 1st, 2009

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Butt Meringue

This is not my story. In fact, it is probably at urban legend status in my re-telling, as enough degrees of separation and geography are involved so I don't know the principals by reputation even.

amberfox told me this one, and it is from her sister's circle of friends. Much of this is related just as she related them to me.

Evidently someone, somewhere in this circle of friends, had the bright idea to use egg whites as lube.

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Questions Answered

Goodness gracious, but do I love Google Analytics. I see that occasionally search engines are bringing people to my journal! Sometimes it does not seem as if my journal answers these questions. I shall endeavor to answer some of them!

Crossposting from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth

This phrasing seems to have come up -- a more useful one might be "crossposting between LiveJournal and Dreamwidth". It is difficult to crosspost putting LiveJournal first and have your entries be useful on both sites.

You can:

Cross-post manually
Cross-post through Dreamwidth
Cross-post through a client
Post to LiveJournal, then import (people who read you on Dreamwidth won't see your posts on their reading page)
Post at one site, then have everybody on the other site read a syndicated feed of your entries (public only at this time, unless you're using an RSS reader that authenticates)

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How do you link to a Dreamwidth username on LiveJournal?

Two ways.

Are you cross-posting using Dreamwidth's crossposter? Easy. Just type in <user name="example-dw-user">, and the crossposter is smart enough to make it happen on LiveJournal all nice and pretty (and point it to Dreamwidth, not point to the user of the same name on LiveJournal).

Are you posting to LiveJournal directly (or directly through a client)? Not quite so easy. Have some nice HTML; substitute the relevant username where appropriate (there are a couple places). This HTML, by the way, is what the crossposter spits out. (Remember: don't shove this in the RTE, as it will come out ugly.)

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If you're looking for codes to create a Dreamwidth account, check out [info - community]dw_codesharing. Some people occasionally post codes in dreamwidth; some other people sometimes toss them to the winds on Twitter.

Then there are my older and much-linked-about entries Similarities and Differences between LiveJournal and Dreamwidth (that I have noticed so far) and Dreamwidth OpenID and You (How Much for Just the OpenID?), in which I ramble on at some length, and betray my love for parenthetical statements in entry titles, and show exactly how much of a Classic Trek geek I really am.

The big-eyed alien from the new Star Trek movie, the cute little guy who hangs out with Scotty, is named Keenser.

[info - community]singularity, [info - community]ncc_1701, and st_xi_kink all have vast quantities of Star Trek Reboot fanfic. I share my real time fic recs and much much more on Twitter. I archive my Twitter on LiveJournal. I try to tag my fic recs, but it doesn't always happen, particularly when it's twitter posts. See the journals of [info - personal]synecdochic and [info - personal]ivorygates for their writings. Fear death by fanfic.
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Oh, computers

My big box is trying to do too many things at once. Not going well. Thus if you IMed me on any network other than Google in the last hour or so it is entirely probable that I did not get it and it has not been saved (as Madman is not good about saving stuff when he is distracted like that). I think AVG and Skype are having a slapping fight over CPU time with no one winning.

65 tweets for 2009-7-1

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 0011: @ataniell93 So do I. I think so do many people. But if I am exposed to bad trauma, I want to do anything I can reasonably do to avoid PTSD
  • Wednesday, 0012: @ataniell93 Life post-Shawn was Not At All Fun for some years.
  • Wednesday, 0012: Phrases I find strangely fascinating include "bizarre cross-continental booty call"
  • Wednesday, 0025: Now that content flagging is 100% voluntary on Dreamwidth, I am far more willing to do it.
  • Wednesday, 0114: Drew needs to complain to Twitter about lack of a specific reply button for mobile interface.
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