July 3rd, 2009


Notable Events of the Day (or something like that)

Somewhere, somewhen, there was chatter with MissKat, phonewise. Perhaps also with Drew? I am not entirely sure when, however.

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I did laundry.

I typed up old poetry.

There were the type of BLT sandwiches that also have pickles and turkey meat. Also sourdough bread. Hooray for San Francisco!

I put my blankie (actually a comforter) and my nightgown in to wash before leaving for happy fun TV night.

There was agoraphobia.

There was discovering that the lost BART card was indeed in my pocket -- freshly washed! I will see later if it's still good.

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There was discovering how bad the elevator at 16 & Mission down to the BART station really smells. >_<

There were no BART weirdoes on the return trip.

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I came home to a washing machine claiming its load was not all up ons. I re-balanced it, and set it to dry. (It is not loud, unlike washing, with its spin cycle and such as.)

Hello, morning. Now my nightgown is dry.

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