August 14th, 2009


Don't get mad. Write porn.

So. starbrow had a great idea in reaction to recent unpleasantness (which was touched off by another problem, it turns out): "I want to write a loving, sensual, gay romance story and tell him he inspired it." (The dude has deleted the entry in question and is frantically backpedaling, and seems to be claiming that he's changing his mind on certain points, but I think I'll just not engage with the crazy.)

What: a pan-fandom slash ficathon, with sex-positive, LBGTQ(etc)-positive, kink-positive, loving fic. (Het is fine as long as it's kinky and not with people who are lesbians in canon. [Edit: Het with canon gay men probably not such a great idea either. [Addendum to the edit: JDN/Cammie is always allowable.]]) Bonus points for femslash and people who get marginalized by Hollywood.
Why: action is better than wheel-spinning rage
Who: anyone who got annoyed/outraged by that and has a bit of time and feels like writing
When: Now.
Where: um, there might be a comm or comms coming. But, you know. On the internet.

Telling SyFy where they can shove their plot point of a bodyswap fic where someone uses the lesbian's body to fuck a man (I wish I were kidding) might also be in order.

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