September 1st, 2009

murdered by lunatics


This is after Sarah has spoken to him about this, mind.

azurelunatic wrote:
Your replies are confusing me greatly, and I hope I have misunderstood you, because it now sounds like you are saying:

1) adult content is not OK (and I'm fine with this, particularly given that the provider you've chosen for this forum doesn't allow adult content, plus there's the average age of the fandom to think about)

2) same-sex relationships are NOT ok

3) opposite-sex relationships ARE ok, provided it's PG-13 or under

Firstly we dont post it here we link.

1) Yes its pretty much PG-13 is the limit (12A if you are engilsh)

2) Yes and I do not want to sound bad for saying this but Slash on forums starts and ALWAYS starts shipping wars. Can not let that happen.

3) Yes.

These are the rules I am sorry but we have marm fish for that.

- Alexander

Well then. So long and thanks for all the fish.

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