September 3rd, 2009


Community, gender, Don[na|o] Vorrutyer, and me

So after literally months of debate, I left [info - community] theladiesloos, not because of anything said or done in there (I barely participated at all, and the activity level is of public record on the profile: see start date, see number of posts = light use) but because while I understand the need that others have for gendered private spaces on a regular basis, and have occasionally sought them out myself, it makes me profoundly uncomfortable to be a part of one implemented in that fashion. I am perfectly comfortable to participate in the community discussions. I suspect that the thing that has me running so hard and so fast is the intersection of the enforced privacy, the standard for admission being self-defining as a woman, and a gatekeeper effect where an existing member must confirm that you are a woman.

I am OK with being a woman. It's what the genetic dice rolled up for me, and I'm OK with being me for the most part. I like lipstick, long hair, and skirts, in the performative department. My genital arrangement does not displease me. (My reproductive system does displease me; I have all but given up on the idea of a body birth.) (My brain chemistry also displeases me, but that's not this topic although doubtless it would be affected in some way.)

But, see, I'm not attached to it. Collapse )

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