September 12th, 2009

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The Vampire Diaries: some thoughts about the first episode.

Now, I'd not run into the books before the show. I mean, I'd heard of them in passing when sarahtales mentioned that OMG SHOW COMING OUT BASED ON, OMG, but I had not read them myself. So when I was over at [info - personal] tiferet's Thursday night, I was not entirely sure what to expect (but I showed up almost in a timely fashion for the start in any case). Once the night was over, I decided to do a little more poking.

Well, to be quite honest, I was editing TV Tropes, and this led me into the website while in search of a publication date, in service of averting as much "BUT THEY RIPPED OFF TWILIGHT!!" as possible. And that led me to the publisher's site where I was promised previews. And the previews did indeed net me an initial copyright date (1991). (My dears, I started keeping the ancestor of this journal in 1991.) And that resulted in me reading the first half of the first book, that being the length of the preview, and what a juicy and delightful morsel it was.

Thus, I am able to present to you:

Differences between the book and the show I have noticed so far:

Collapse )

And on the whole, I am really enjoying this show. It is the kind of fun entertainment so far that I can simultaneously genuinely enjoy and deconstruct for amusement purposes. One of the chief advantages to working in high schoolers (oh dear, I seem to be referring to the character type as a medium, oops) is that high schoolers can be absolutely vile and badly-behaved in a number of ways that adults never could or should get away with. Most of these high schoolers have been behaving themselves so far, for the most part. But it's interesting to think of the ways in which they could be vile and yet still have room to easily change and figure themselves out.

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